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The Argentine government in a crisis after losing the primary elections

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Five ministers have put themselves at the disposal of President Alberto Fernandez. The reason is the result of the primary election lost by Argentina’s center-left All Front.

In fourteen out of twenty-four constituencies, the Sunday primary election – acting as the last test before the actual elections – was won by the Argentine center-right in the Together for Change coalition. The center-left All Front gained a majority in only seven. There are no clear winners in the remaining three.


Alberto Fernandez’s government has found itself in a deep crisis. The voting results are widely commented on as the announcement of the victory of the main grouping of the great opposition coalition Together for Change in the elections scheduled for November 14. In the elections, 127 of the 257 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, in which no political grouping has an absolute majority, will be renewed.

In the 72-seat Senate dominated by government representatives, one-third of the seats will be the subject of election competition in November.

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Argetians are back on the streets after the government’s defeat in the primary election Juan Ignacio Roncoroni / PAP / EPA

A test of Fernandez’s office

Sunday’s vote, which ended in the defeat of President Fernandez’s cabinet, was the first test for him since December 2019, when he took office and created a cabinet with the participation of the Peronist left.

“Power Crisis” – so close to the center-left, the great daily “El Clarin” entitled a comprehensive statement by the Catholic Archbishop of La Plata, capital of the Buenos Aires Province, Victor Manuel Fernandez, who in an interview for Argentine media severely assesses the internal policy of the left-wing government, stating that “deeply it has disappointed the hopes of Argentina’s poor and middle class.

Protesters in the streets of Buenos AiresJuan Ignacio Roncoroni / PAP / EPA

Criticism of the Archbishop

The archbishop, former rector of the prestigious Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) and – as “El Clarin” emphasized – “one of Pope Francis’s closest associates”, “strongly criticizes the President of Argentina, because he believes that by making the wrong decisions he was unable to find an answer to the deep suffering of the poorest Argentineans and its middle class “.

The representative of the Argentine bishops also pointed to the “radicalization” of the center-left government, which, he emphasizes, has “moved it even closer to the abyss” and should “revise its priorities as soon as possible to avoid defeat.”

The Archbishop of La Platy also criticized the choice of government priorities during the pandemic. He stated: “While the governments of neighboring countries were focused on purchasing vaccines, our Ministry of Health was passionately campaigning for the legalization and availability of abortion. It was not a good time. When the government felt it was meeting the needs of women, they fought for every day for survival, for their decaying families, for children who dropped out of school, fell into drug addiction and entered the path of crime “.

Main photo source: Juan Ignacio Roncoroni / PAP / EPA

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