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The assassination of Robert Fico. Experts on the Prime Minister's protection: she made mistakes

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Krzysztof Przepiórka, former commander of the GROM assault group, said that the protection of Slovak Prime Minister Roberto Fico, who was injured in the attack, “made mistakes.” It is obvious that in the situation we have in Europe, in Ukraine, all security services should be working at full speed, but here they were not focused enough, said Mirosław Gawor, former head of the National Security Bureau.

  • Robert Fico was shot several times after an away government meeting in Handlova, Slovakia
  • The attack took place when Fico went out to the inhabitants of the city
  • After 8 p.m., Slovak Defense Minister Robert Kaliniak said that the Prime Minister was fighting for his life
  • Fica was transported by helicopter to the hospital in Banská Bystrica
  • The bomber was arrested. According to the media, he is a 71-year-old writer working in a security company
  • Leaders from around the world have expressed extreme outrage at the attack

According to the former commander of the GROM storm group, Lt. Col. Krzysztof Przepiórka's protection of the Slovak Prime Minister “made mistakes”. – In this type of operations, the worst-case scenario is always assumed. Planning and then action are refined for this scenario. The point is that nothing should surprise us, he said.

Slovakia. The town of Handlova after the assassination of FicoEPA

He added that he judges “based on media reports, although for now it is only speculation, that the protection of the Slovak Prime Minister has been put to sleep.”


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The assassination of Robert Fico. Quail: no outer ring

– The man who opened fire on the Prime Minister is a 71-year-old elderly man. He doesn't look like a professional and in my opinion he most likely wasn't. Secondly, this visit was not secured properly, he said.

– Since it was probably assessed that this is a small town, we leave the community center and what may happen in such a town, we have everything under control – he added. As he assessed, in the place where the attack took place, “there was no so-called external ring that would somehow verify people.”

– I'm talking about police security, pyrotechnic gates, metal detector gates and so on. This ring was not preserved and that somehow caused this man to get to the front line, the military said. Lt. Col. Przepiórka noted that “you cannot completely protect yourself against such situations, but you can minimize the risk.”

The assassination of Robert Fico. Przepiórka: the attacker exposed the shortcomings

– There is no 100% security system. However, minimizing the effects means that we assume the worst-case scenario. There can be no mediocrity and “it will be somehow”.

– The bomber exposed all the shortcomings that could have existed. Nothing really worked in terms of protection, said the former GROM commander. He added that society is strongly polarized Slovakia causes “the demons of extremism to awaken.”

– The frustration that is growing among citizens may result in someone drawing a gun. People's lack of endurance for this type of situation, very strong polarization, causes such behavior. Because I don't believe, although I'm just speculating for now, that this entire action was carefully planned – said Lt. Col. Quail.

Slovakia. The man who shot Prime Minister FicoRadovan Stoklasa / Reuters / Forum

Babbling about Fico's protection: she overslept

– If we receive information that a protected person is going to a given place, the services go there first and the area is checked for explosives and all other dangerous things – said retired general Mirosław Gawor, former head of the Government Protection Bureau.


He added that the services are obliged to ensure that both the arrival and departure of the protected person take place in a safe manner.

– If we expect that an audience may gather, we do everything to push the audience as far away as possible – he said. He explained that “people gathering should be placed in one place and checked.”

– We separate a sector where people can gather, set up a gate and everyone who enters this sector goes through a pyrotechnic gate. Then we have a guarantee that neither weapons nor other types of iron that may pose a threat will be found near the protected person, he said.

Gawor pointed out that “everything should be supervised by plainclothes officers” who will also “supervise the behavior of the public.” – It seems obvious that this point has not been implemented. If an elderly man could come very close and was able to fire shots, it means that certain things were not taken care of – summed up the former head of the National Security Bureau.

Slovakia, . Site of the attack on Prime Minister FicoPAP/EPA/JAKUB GAVLAK

– The security guys are oversleeping, because it is obvious to all services that in the situation we have in Europe at the moment, Ukrainethen all services dealing with security should be working at the highest speed, but here they were not focused enough – he said.

When asked whether the officers could have been misled by the fact that the attacker was an older, 71-year-old man, he replied that the task of security was “preventive action, not after the fact.”

According to General Gawor, there have been various cases throughout history, including the use of a stroller with an infant in it to commit an attack, “therefore neither a child nor an elderly person should lull the vigilance of the protective services.” – There is no discount here, because we are primarily a preventive service – said the former head of the National Security Bureau.

Main photo source: Radovan Stoklasa / Reuters / Forum

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