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The astronaut's suit was leaking. The departure from the space station was canceled at the last minute

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Two American astronauts were unable to perform scheduled maintenance work outside the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday due to a spacesuit failure of one of them, NASA said. This is the second canceled spacewalk this month.

The leak occurred in the spacesuit worn by astronaut Tracy Dyson. The failure occurred just after the suits were switched to battery power, before she and fellow crew member Mike Barratt were scheduled to leave the ISS. NASA she then canceled leaving the space station.

According to the agency, the fault occurred in the suits' cooling system, which is designed to provide users with a comfortable temperature while working. It was emphasized that at no time during the incident was the crew in danger.

“I feel comfortable right now, but I'm a little warm,” Dyson said during NASA's broadcast of preparations for the spacewalk. She expressed concern that the water leak could affect electrical connections.

Dyson and Barratt were tasked with dealing with a malfunction in the electronic communications antenna box, which is located outside the space station. Their stay outside the ISS was expected to last approximately 6.5 hours.

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Another such situation

This is the second spacewalk in recent days to be abruptly canceled due to spacesuit problems. NASA canceled Tracy Dyson and Matthew Dominick's June 13 out-of-station departure due to the astronaut's “spacesuit discomfort issue.” The agency declined to provide details on that to protect his privacy.

NASA announced that in addition to the canceled Monday walk, astronauts will conduct one more – scheduled for July 2, before the Starliner capsule is unmoored from the station and returns to Earth with the two astronauts.

Maciej Zieliński, Adam Ziemienowicz/PAP

The Starliner's return is being delayed, also due to a series of problems, including a helium leak and thruster failure. The CST-100 Starliner was originally scheduled to undock from the ISS on June 14, and on Tuesday NASA said it would not do so until next Wednesday. According to CNN, it is not known how much the decision to cancel Monday's departure will delay the Starliner's return to Earth.

Representatives of the US space agency reported that Starliner can remain docked with the ISS for a maximum of 45 days. Astronauts are staying in space from June 5.

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