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The Bambrów Poznańskich Museum suspends its activity. The reason: high gas and heating bills

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Even on Saturday, they boasted that they had plenty of visitors – despite the coronavirus epidemic. On Tuesday they got a gas bill and their faces fell. “Having read the amount on the bill for heating the Museum, we are forced to temporarily stop visiting the facility” – informed the Poznań Bambery Museum.

The Poznań Bambrow Society, which was running it, informed about the temporary closure of the facility. The reason is the increase in heating prices. “Bamber is a rich farmer, but the price of gas has knocked him down,” he wrote on Facebook.


The Bambrów Poznańskich Museum is to be reopened when it is warmer outside and the costs of heating rooms will drop. The search for other, cheaper solutions to heat the facility is also in progress. “Bambers are resourceful, they have survived many problems. We are of good cheer” – wrote the Poznań Bambery Museum in a commentary.

The museum has been in operation for 19 years

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The Bambrów Poznańskich Museum is a unique cultural institution in Poznań, where you can learn about the history of the settlers from Bamberg who came to Poznań in the 18th century and the culture of the Greater Poland countryside. The exhibition presents, among other things, a typical cottage for a village near Poznań at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, characteristic Bamberek costumes, tools and souvenirs of the Bambrów families, whose descendants still belong to the community of Poznań.

Bamberki passed through Poznań

Bamberki passed through PoznańAll over Poland, flowers play a significant role during Corpus Christi. In Poznań, they can be seen on the heads of girls, as long as they are descendants of Bamberg settlers.TVN 24

The museum was opened in 2003 thanks to the efforts of the Poznań Bambrów Society, the kindness of Poznań residents and the involvement of sponsors. With its opening, the Society wanted to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Poznań. The museum is run by the Society and socially run.

They came when the others got damned

The first arrivals from Bamberg in Franconia in the south of Germany they reached Poznań 303 years ago, in August 1719. They were brought to settle in abandoned villages that were depopulated after the Northern War and the cholera epidemic.

– The first newcomers got land near Luboń in order to cultivate it and support the economy. They were settlers of German origin, but Catholics, so their integration with other residents was smooth – said Jan Mazurczak, director of the Poznań Local Tourist Organization, on TVN24. Apart from Luboń, they settled in Bonin, Jeżyce, Winiary, Rataje, Górczyn and Wilda. The contract regulating the life of the newcomers was a contract concluded between them and the city authorities.

300 years since the arrival of bambers to Poznań

300 years since the arrival of bambers to PoznańA great parade commemorating the 300th anniversary of the arrival of settlers from Bamberg to Poznań.tvn24

At the beginning of the 20th century, the surrounding villages were incorporated into the city and became its districts. Currently, the descendants of the settlers from Bamberg are an integral part of the Poznań community. It is difficult to determine how many indigenous people from Poznań have Bamberg roots.

They are one of the symbols of the city

Less than 200 years after the arrival of the first bambers, Leopold Goldenring, a Jewish merchant and owner of a winery located at the Old Market Square, decided to fund a well for the city. It was to stand near his premises – next to the town hall, at the end of Woźna Street – and serve as its advertisement and serve as a water source for horses and a source of water for florists.

The statue was made by the sculptor Josef Wackerle. The sculpture was erected in 1915. The manhole with a girl in a decorative Bamberg national costume, a cap on her head and a large bow at the neck was very liked by the residents. Today, Bamberka is one of the symbols of Poznań, next to the goats, St. Martin’s Croissant, the silhouette of the Town Hall and Okrąglak.

Interestingly, Bamberka was not a figment of his imagination. It really was. Jadwiga Gadziemska, a waitress from Goldenberg’s winery, posed for the monument.

Bamberka is everywhere - from cups to dolls

Bamberka is everywhere – from cups to dollsWe looked at the stalls and souvenir shops in Poznań’s Old Market Square. We checked what Bamberka souvenirs are on offertvn24

Main photo source: TVN 24

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