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The bear broke into the truck, then stole the food bag

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A bear broke into a car parked in Colorado and stole a bag of food. The Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife warns of predators.

“This year we have already received 173 reports of bear activity in 25 Colorado counties. Bears should NOT eat from garbage cans, bird feeders or other human-provided food sources. If you have food inside your vehicle – close the door!” the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife wrote on Facebook.

The bear breaks into the car

The video of the incident shows a black bear, known as a baribal, sniffing around the car. When he reaches the door, he rears up on his hind legs and tugs at the handle. The animal manages to open the car.

The next move is even more ingenious: the bear pulls out a bright pink refrigerator, which he uses as a stool to get into the car. He manages to pull out a net with food.

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The bear opened the doorFacebook/Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The bear then pulls out a light pink refrigerator box, which he then uses as a stool to climb into the truck and take out a black food basket.

The bear gets in the carFacebook/Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Main photo source: Facebook/Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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