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The bear was destroying the house, the mother and daughter hid in the bedroom

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A bear that entered a house in Rossland, British Columbia (Canada), destroyed almost every room and left the refrigerator open. The animal escaped when the police called by the residents arrived at the scene.

A homeowner in Rossland (about 380 kilometers east of Vancouver) was putting her nine-year-old daughter and her friend to sleep when she heard a noise and realized it was caused by a bear that had entered the house.

Many Canadians, especially in smaller towns, do not lock their doors and the bear probably took advantage of this to enter the house in search of food. The animal was unable to get out and, under stress, it began to destroy subsequent rooms, breaking furniture and tearing off floor coverings, local media report.

The mother, her daughter and her friend barricaded themselves in the bedroom and called the services. Upon arrival, the police opened the front door and the bear escaped.

“Land of Bears”

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Every year, the media publishes stories of residents whose garbage containers were destroyed or their tents were broken into by a bear. British Columbia authorities remind us that bears need a lot of food and once they realize that garbage cans and pantries mean food – they remember it very well.

“British Columbia is bear country. It doesn't matter where you live and where you spend your free time, even in urban areas you will be close to bears and the places they inhabit,” the British Columbia Ministry of Environment has been warning for 30 years.

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