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The beating of a man in Sosnowiec shocked Poland. For now, the case is being handled by the family court

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The death of 28-year-old Marcin touched not only the inhabitants of Sosnowiec, but also the whole of Poland. A young footballer was beaten by 16-year-olds at a mass event in Sosnowiec and later died in hospital. The perpetrators face consequences, but it is not known whether they will be tried as adults – they can avoid it, because it depends on the legal qualification of the act.

Dominik, Jakub and Wiktor – these are the names of three 16-year-olds who tortured to death an unknown man in a crowd of people. Later, one of them wrote about it on social media, full of pride in what he had done, hoping for publicity and popularity. Out of memory of the deceased, we are deliberately not showing the content of this entry.

The inhabitants of Sosnowiec are still looking for answers to the question of how their neighbors' children and schoolmates could do this. – The people who were the attackers went to the same class with my son. I am very moved – says Mr. Robert, a resident of Sosnowiec. – It doesn't even occur to me anymore, how can you do something like that and then brag about it? – asks Mrs. Beata, a resident of Sosnowiec.

The incident took place during a music festival on the occasion of the Sosnowiec Days. The teenagers first attacked another teenager. Although many people saw the situation, only one reacted – 28-year-old Marcina Mizia, who came to the party from Jastrzębie-Zdrój with his fiancée.

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– I just wanted to help him, but unfortunately I was attacked there myself. I was pushed hard, hitting my head against the wall, says Karolina, Marcin's fiancée.

When Marcin tried to approach his fiancée, he was hit in the face and knocked to the ground. The teenagers kicked him until someone in the crowd shouted that the man was already dead. – I saw that wave of blood. I was running around and asking people to help me, to call someone because my husband was dying in front of me, says Marcin's fiancée.

Marcin was taken to hospital in critical condition. He died three days later. – There must be big consequences from this, because these are young people and I think that if they are not punished, they will do the same thing next time – says Mr. Robert, a resident of Sosnowiec.

Residents about the beating of a 28-year-old footballer. “It's inconceivable that such things are happening.”TVN24

What consequences await the perpetrators?

The prosecutor's office only checks whether the event was properly organized and secured, but cannot address the issue of the perpetrators' liability. – Currently, the proceedings are being conducted by the Family Court at the District Court in Sosnowiec – informs Michał Łukasik from the Sosnowiec-Północ District Prosecutor's Office.

All three perpetrators are minors and, in principle, should not be subject to criminal liability. – The limit of criminal liability, the age at which a young person may be criminally liable, is the age of 17 – explains Dr. Michał Grudecki from the Institute of Legal Sciences of the University of Silesia in Katowice.

The law provides for exceptions to this rule, but only in strictly defined situations. Minors can only be held responsible for specific acts specified in the Act. Even though murder is among them, the court's decision does not have to be clear.

– Appropriate legal qualification is extremely important in this case, because the crime of assault with fatal consequences (…) is not included in this catalog of crimes, while murder with eventual intent is – points out Dr. Michał Grudecki.

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Teenagers can be held responsible for their actions as adults only if, when beating the man, they knew and accepted that it could result in his death, but even in such a case they cannot receive a sentence higher than two-thirds of the upper limit of adult responsibility.

In accordance with his will – previously communicated to his parents – the deceased Marcin became an organ donor. On Thursday, one of the people waiting for a transplant was to receive his heart.

Main photo source: TVN24

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