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The beaver washed in the river like a man. A unique recording

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A beaver bathing in the river standing on two legs was captured by Reporter 24’s camera trap. The animal used its front paws to scrub its fur in a manner similar to human bathing. As the author of the recording admitted, capturing such a scene is rare.

European beaver (castor fibre) is one of the most widespread species of wild animals in Poland – it occurs near watercourses, lake shores and peat bogs almost throughout the country. Although quite common, these mammals are quite secretive, and it is rare to see a sight like one of Reporter 24’s.

“Scrubs like a man”

On Kontakt 24 we received a recording of a beaver who decided to take a bath in the river in an unusual way.

– This is a one-in-a-million recording, extremely difficult to record. It shows a beaver bathing in a river. The scene is so unique that he stands on two legs and scrubs himself like a human. I see a lot of similarities here. You can see the water evaporating because it is warm. Anyway, this fact makes the beaver smile and you can see it exactly – reported Reporter 24 Leśny Kawaler, who publishes similar videos from the life of wild nature on social media.

He added that a lot of factors must have contributed to the recording of such a scene. – It was, among other things, the right height and water temperature. In addition, the beaver had to stop perfectly where I placed the camera. Luckily, I know him and his likes and dislikes. The potential of the river and the right places as well, he said.


Contact 24, Forest Encyclopedia

Main photo source: Forest Bachelor / Contact 24

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