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The beginning of a tornado in Lower Silesia. Condensation funnel in Smolec

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Thunderstorms appear on Tuesday mainly in the west of the country. They are accompanied not only by strong gusts of wind, intense rainfall and hailstorms. The beginning of a tornado appeared near the town of Smolec in Lower Silesia.


Condensation funnel

On Tuesday afternoon, a condensation funnel appeared in the Smolec area. The dangerous-looking phenomenon was captured in a photo by Mateusz Kaczmarek, a user of the Storm Observers' Network.

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued storm warnings.

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Condensation funnel in Lower SilesiaKaczmarek Mateusz

Condensation funnel – what is it, how does this phenomenon occur?

A condensation funnel, or the beginning of a tornado, is a column or funnel growing from the base of a storm cloud towards the ground. It occurs when there are strong updrafts in the cloud. If the currents are strongly developed and the funnel touches the ground, it is called a tornado.

Storm Observers Network, tvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: Kaczmarek Mateusz

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