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The best photos of 2023 – TVN24

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IN TurkeySyria and Morocco After the earthquakes, over 58,000 people lost their lives. In southern Europe and Canada people found themselves under a dome of smoke and fire. Fighting between armed groups has intensified in Congo. Haiti it is still riddled with gang activity. The desperate situation in many places around the world has led thousands of people to make risky journeys, on the roofs of wagons or rickety boats, in the hope of a better life. Not everyone made it.

Meanwhile, the world was telling stories, more local ones, sometimes on a micro scale. There was love, colors and screams of joy. These stories have been captured in thousands, if not millions, of photos. Below we publish 60 photos that we selected from the past year.

Confetti rains over the heads of New Yorkers and tourists wanting to taste the magic of the Big Apple on New Year’s Eve. This is the first New Year’s Eve in Times Square since the break caused by the COVID-19 pandemicPhoto from January 1Andrew Kelly / Reuters / Forum

Republicans pray in the House of Representatives before another round of votes to elect party leader Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the chamber on Capitol Hill. A round of as many as fifteen votes resulted in an impasse that prevented the commencement of work and the formal swearing-in of congressmen. It was the first such situation since 1923Photo from January 6Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA

Pilgrims of the Shembe Church walk on the summit of the sacred mountain Nhlangakazi near Durban, South Africa. The top of the hill is a sacred place for them, constituting the culmination of a 50-kilometer journey of pilgrims, mainly ZulusPhoto from January 7Kim Ludbrook/EPA

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