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The best-selling cars in Poland in 2022: Toyota, Skoda, Kia. Commentary by Wojciech Drzewiecki, Automotive Market Research Institute SAMAR

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2022 was slightly better than we expected, but still worse than 2021. The situation is not good – said Wojciech Drzewiecki, president of the Automotive Market Research Institute SAMAR, assessing the situation on the automotive market. Which brands and models sold best? Material of the “Raport” magazine on TVN Turbo.

The largest number of cars, as in the previous year, was sold by Toyota (73.9 thousand). Similarly to the previous year, Skoda (42,000) was ranked second. Kia moved up to third place from fourth (33.7 thousand). Among the 10 brands with the best sales are three premium brands: BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

Top 10 brandsSamar Institute

The best-selling models are: Corolla (21.4 thousand), Yaris (12.5 thousand) and Sportage (11.2 thousand).

Top 10 modelsSamar Institute

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However, this does not mean that cars are selling well, because 2022 is a year of declines. – It was slightly better than we predicted, but still worse than 2021. A six percent decrease is still a decrease. We thought the decline would be larger, hence the optimism. Nevertheless, the situation is not good – emphasized Wojciech Drzewiecki, president of the Automotive Market Research Institute SAMAR.

Prices of popular and premium cars

The average price of a new passenger car in Poland is PLN 155,000. Most cars last year were bought by entrepreneurs, slightly over 70 percent.

The top 3 in premium class cars are: BMW, Mercedes, Audi. Fourth place was taken by Volvo, which sold almost half as many Audi cars. The best-selling models are: Volvo XC60, Audi Q5, BMW 3 series.

– With the prices of popular brands, we are talking about PLN 155,000, in the case of premium brands, they are at the level of PLN 260,000. Remember that we are based on offer prices that do not include additional options. And these options can increase the price by 20, 30 or even 50 percent, Drzewiecki noted.

The list of the top 20 premium cars also includes brands such as: Maserati, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce. 25 Ferraris, 11 Maseratis, 9 Bentleys, 8 Lamborghinis, 3 Aston Martins were bought by individuals, not entrepreneurs. – The question is how many of them go outside Poland, because such cases happen – noted Wojciech Drzewiecki.

The average age of a used car is 13 years

Among the most frequently imported used cars to Poland are Opel Astra, Audi A4, VW Golf. The map of the regions where these cars are most often registered looks interesting. These three models, maybe not equally, but divided Poland into three parts.

Golfs reign in the west of the country, A4 in the east, and Astra in the center. The average age of cars imported to Poland is just over 13 years old.

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