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The #BezKitu campaign. Dispute between Radomir Wit and Zbigniew Girzyński

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In the “#BezKitu Campaign” there was a verbal dispute between the host of the program, Radomir Wit, and MP Zbigniew Girzyński (Polskie Sprawy). – You always have only assistants from the Civic Platform. We’ve known that for a long time. And the biggest one is Mr. editor – said the politician. During the exchange, Wit said: – Regardless of where you are at the stage of your life and who you support, whose list you are starting from and what you intend to do, you always find space in the free media. Another guest of the program was Kinga Gajewska (KO), who discussed with Girzyński, among other things, teachers’ salaries.

The guests of Friday’s “#BezKitu Campaign” on TVN24 were MPs Zbigniew Girzyński (Polish Affairs) and Kinga Gajewska (PO, Civic Coalition club). An important element of the program are the questions that politicians hear from the young people invited to the studio. One of them was asked by Kacper Godek, a law student and member of the student government of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. He asked MP Girzyński about three things that PiS has done for young people.

– You are exempt from the tax she collected until you are 26 civil Platform. As a law student in Warsaw, you probably already work in a good law firm, knowing life – said Girzyński. Gajewska interjected in his statement, noting that the student “is an assistant to the MP, so he (the MP – editor’s note) knows it very well.”

– Are you the MP’s assistant? – asked the host of the program Radomir Wit. Both Godek and the parliamentarian confirmed this. – Of course. He is my social assistant, but above all he is a great lawyer in a private law firm – said the MP. He then continued his statement about the activities of Law and Justice, mentioning, among other things, a “favorable tax system” and the opening of new places for students in medical fields.

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Next, Radomir Wit gave the floor to MP Gajewska, asking if “is there anyone here from your MP, an assistant?” – You always have only assistants from the Civic Platform. We’ve known that for a long time. And the greatest is the editor. He often even replaces deputies – Girzyński reacted to these words. – Sorry? – replied Wit, to which the MP repeated his words: – And the greatest one is the editor. Often even replacing MPs.

Gajewska assessed that her interlocutor insulted the journalist who hosted the program. – No, I’m not insulting anyone – said the Polish Affairs politician.

In reaction, Radomir Wit turned to his guest: – Mr Zbigniew Girzyński. When you left Law and Justice, you wanted to talk about how Law and Justice is a bad party with which you feel so bad and with which you disagree so much, which uses such terrible methods that you cannot say what you think about changes in the tax system, you have found space in the free media, to say about it. Now, when you want to talk about how Law and Justice is a fantastic party in your opinion, you find space in the free media. Regardless of where you are in your life, who you support, whose list you are running from and what you intend to do, you always find space in the free media to say what you want to say. This is how free media works.

– And I will not be offended that you offended the host of the program to which you were invited to say what you want to say, being one of the candidates. And we move on because there is time for young people’s questions – added the host of the “#BezKitu Campaign”.

– I’m only pointing out that you are familiar with the partisan way of conducting the discussion – replied Girzyński.

– Mr Speaker, you have just talked about what has been changed in your programme. You got the space, you did it, your assistant asked about it. So I absolutely don’t understand what you mean now. But I don’t get offended so easily, because that’s what free media is all about – different people with different views come here and talk about it, provided they have the courage – said Wit. He then gave the floor to another of the invited young people to ask a question.

Gajewska: a beginner teacher could buy 1,000 kg of sugar in 2015, now 580 kg

In the program, politicians also talked about the situation in Polish education, including low teachers’ salaries.

– Due to the fact that the basic salary of beginner teachers has increased significantly over the last eight years – it has increased by approximately 70 percent – they are earning really well for a start and considering how poorly teachers earned in Poland – they still don’t earn the best, but they earn better. – they should be glad that the beginning of their professional careers went to the rule of Law and Justice – said Girzyński.

Gajewska pointed out that the teacher’s net salary is slightly above the national minimum, i.e. over PLN 2,780.

According to her, a beginner teacher “could buy 1,000 kilograms of sugar in 2015, now he can buy 580 kilograms of sugar with his salary.” – The real value of teachers’ earnings has fallen. Now let’s compare that to the national average. In 2015, a teacher’s salary was approximately 80 percent of the national average, today it is 63 percent. I understand that in Polish zlotys it is of course more, a teacher earns more today, but it has also increased enormously inflationso the purchasing power of this money is simply incomparable – she emphasized.

Gajewska: a beginner teacher could buy 1,000 kg of sugar in 2015, now 580 kgTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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