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The “#BezKitu Campaign” program. The guests were Renata Kaznowska and Dariusz Kacprzak

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– A huge collapse is coming, as a local government we are talking about it loudly – this is how the question about problems in district hospitals was commented by Renata Kaznowska, vice-president of Warsaw. Kaznowska and the vice-mayor of Praga Północ Dariusz Kacprzak were guests of the “#BezKitu Campaign” program.

On Friday, Radomir Wit’s guests were: Renata Kaznowska, deputy mayor of Warsaw (who, as she said, does not intend to run in the parliamentary elections) and Dariusz Kacprzak, deputy mayor of Praga Północ (he will want to get to the Sejm in the next elections).

The conversation concerned i.a. education and health services.

What about a student voucher?

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A TVN24 reporter asked Renata Kaznowska about Rafał Trzaskowski’s election promise from 2018 – about the announcement of launching a pilot funding program and organizing extracurricular activities for all Warsaw students from six to 19 years old. Each month, the city was to add 100 zlotys for a student to be spent on out-of-school activities, organized primarily in schools.

– The promise has been fulfilled. She has undergone a certain evaluation resulting from the pandemic. One hundred zlotys was simply unusable. The amount has been reduced, but we have also introduced a voucher for a preschooler in this place – replied the deputy mayor.

She added that the amount was reduced to PLN 50. – 100 zlotys was really a lot for going to cultural institutions, cinemas or theaters – she argued.

“Warsaw is an exception”

– I have a feeling that Warsaw is a big exception on the map of the country, because we support the education budget with a very large amount. We add another zloty to the ministry’s zloty – she said.

She noted, however, that despite this, capital city officials still lack money for education.

The deputy mayor of Praga Północ added then that the fact that Warsaw contributes more to education than other cities causes problems. – Madam President herself experiences this when it comes to providing places in high schools. This increased standard and good quality of services make us attract children from Mazovia – he reminded.

Warsaw lost nine billion

Kaznowska also assessed that the current situation of local governments “looks dramatic when it comes to finances”.

– Warsaw has lost over nine billion zlotys over the course of five years due to various taxes, formulas and tax changes. At the moment we are getting some kind of compensation. Warsaw is to receive PLN 157 million, out of the more than nine billion lost money, for which we could build a subway, schools, kindergartens, replace all equipment in hospitals and there would still be money left, she argued.

“This is the money of our citizens and residents of our city. They just got robbed of them,” she added.

Oliwia Olejnicka (Młoda Lewica) asked the guests about the issues of psychiatric care in Poland, and Julian Rembelski (New Generation) about the losses of non-partisan politicians in the upcoming elections, Kamil Jastrzębski (councilman of Wieliczka, Young Poland) about reducing the number of councilors and at the same time increasing their competences.

The question of hospital debt

Maciej Fitrzyk (Generation 2050) wanted to hear answers to the debt problems of poviat hospitals. We talked about it on TVN24.

– Warsaw is an exception on the map of Poland, because we have as many as nine city hospitals, no other city in Poland has so many hospitals, so we clearly feel the problems related primarily to money. For the last year, our hospitals’ losses amounted to PLN 89 million. A huge collapse is coming, as the local government we are talking about it loudly – Kaznowska pointed out. The deputy mayor of Praga Północ agreed with her.

Main photo source: TVN24

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