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The biggest hits of this year on TVN24 GO

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Reporters from “Black and white” and “Superwizjer” deal with topics that affect the whole of Poland. Here are the 10 most frequently watched reports and documentaries on TVN24 GO. These materials are as gripping as the best thrillers.

TVN24 GOyou can watch in the application on your smartphone (available for download in application stores), on your computer or laptop by visiting tvn24.pl/go or on Smart TV. The subscription costs PLN 15 for 30 days, PLN 75 for 180 days or PLN 150 for 365 days. After creating an account and paying for the subscription, the user has access to the entire TVN24 GO database and can watch TVN24 and TVN24 BiS live (with the option of rewinding and watching programs up to 7 days ago). TVN24 GO also includes documentaries, a library of programs from TVN24 and TVN24 BiS, reports, programs and conversations available only to subscribers, and live broadcasts not shown on air.

TVN24 GO – most watched in 2023

The three most frequently watched reports on TVN24 GO are “Black and white” materials.

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“Ensulmo: Franciszkańska 3” Marcin Gutowski’s reportage based on his journalistic investigation, which he described in the book “Bielmo. What John Paul II knew”, published in 2022. The “Black and white” reporter spent two and a half years collecting materials about what Karol Wojtyła knew about pedophilia scandals – even before he became pope and already as the head of the Catholic Church. Gutowski talked to victims of pedophile priests, their relatives, witnesses and those who were to personally inform Wojtyła about the priests’ crimes. He also obtained official church documents confirming the actions and omissions of the then cardinal. – What you discovered is groundbreaking because it shows what many people have suspected for years Pope John Paul II he knew this problem existed even before he became pope. He must have known, but there was no evidence. And this is proof – said Thomas Doyle, a canon lawyer and author of the first American report on sexual abuse in the Church, after the premiere of the report “Ensolus: Franciszkańska 3”. Marcin Gutowski’s material broadcast in March shocked Catholics not only in Poland.

“Dusk” – We won – this slogan perfectly reflects the post-election situation of Law and Justice and its leader Jarosław Kaczyński. On election night, he announced success – another success in a row, but there was little hope of staying in power in his speech. So what do these results mean for Jarosław Kaczyński? Was this the last clash with Donald Tusk – bitter, because even though they won, they lost? Will the president retire or will he be reborn once again to fight for the office of president for his party in two years? Arkadiusz Wierzuk tries to answer these questions. This year, the TVN24 reporter won the Polish-German Journalism Award. Tadeusz Mazowiecki for the report “The German dilemma” – also broadcast in the “Black and white” magazine.

“Mr. and Mrs. Ziobro” In 2006, 70-year-old Jerzy Ziobro came to the Cardiology Clinic of the University Hospital in Krakow. After a few days, despite the treatment and procedures, the patient died. According to the hospital, there were complications that happen. According to the deceased’s family, doctors made mistakes. Prosecutor’s Office, independent from Zbigniew Ziobro, discontinued the investigation into this matter twice. However, when PiS took power, both the prosecutor’s office, already supervised by Ziobro, and the Ministry of Justice, headed by him, became involved. The wife of the late Jerzy Ziobro and mother of the then minister filed a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights. It was based on her report that the prosecutor’s office reporting to her son brought charges against another doctor, a former friend of the Ziobro family – Wanda Cabala. In the report, the doctor spoke publicly about this case for the first time. Marta Gordziewicz, in the reportage “Mr. and Mrs. Ziobro”, showed the activities of investigators in the death of the father of the former Minister of Justice. Actions that the Cabala, as it says itself, never expected.

TVN24 GO – reports and documentaries appreciated in 2023

Other “Black and White” materials that were popular this year were “Mania of Size”, “The Phantom Menace” and “The Crying Game”.

IN “Mania of grandeur” Rafał Stangreciak examines the development of the Vistula Spit and other large national investments that were supposed to stimulate the Polish economy over the last eight years. The author, together with experts, analyzed the course, purposefulness and profitability of these projects, both from the point of view of the interest of the state and citizens. IN “The Phantom Menace Artur Warcholiński shows what life exactly the Confederation’s politicians promised voters: Sławomir Mentzen, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, Grzegorz Braun and the former head of the far-right All-Polish Youth, Krzysztof Bosak. What do they really care about? Who are they in private? Warcholiński asks about this in his material, among others: Marcin Kącki, journalist and author of the book about the Confederate community “Boys. They are going for Poland”. “The Crying Game” is a report by Łukasz Frątczak about the behind-the-scenes of the largest Lotos sale transaction in recent years, which arouses great emotions. According to financial reports, Orlen lost over PLN 4 billion on the sale of part of Lotos. President Daniel Obajtek assured that there was no shadow of Russia in the background of the great merger, but almost 80 gas stations operated in Hungary under the Russian brand Łukoil were replaced by Polish Orlen. It is also worth watching two popular documentaries on TVN24 GO showing the behind-the-scenes of Putin’s war activities. IN “Putin’s Crimes” Frontline and Associated Press journalists present the results of their own investigation into the atrocities committed by Russian troops in Ukraine. On the other hand “Wagnerites. Putin’s mercenaries” is a film by Ewa Galica, awarded at the US International Awards festival in Los Angeles, about the history of the Wagner Group – told by former mercenaries who fled to the West, refusing to accept its methods of operation.

There are two more “Superwizjer” reports among the ten most frequently watched materials on TVN24 GO. “What does Iwona Wieczorek’s phone tell us?” is a reportage in which Łukasz Frątczak and Jakub Stachowiak check whether there is still a chance for a breakthrough in the most famous investigation of recent years. The disappearance of Iwona Wieczorek is one of the most mysterious cases in the history of Polish forensics. What happened almost 13 years ago in Sopot? Journalists analyze Wieczorek’s return home almost minute by minute. “Operation codename LIZARD” this is a report by Łukasz Ruciński and Maciej Duda about how Central Anticorruption Bureau used Pegasus (spyware) against Krzysztof Brejza – a politician of the opposition Civic Platform. Reporters found important witnesses and never-published documents that show the behind-the-scenes of this surveillance.

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