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The biggest punishment in history. Poland broke an infamous record

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The fine imposed on Poland in connection with the Disciplinary Chamber is the largest in the history of the European Union. This year, we overtook the current leader, i.e. Italy, according to the findings of Maciej Sokołowski, TVN24 correspondent in Brussels.

Since November 3, 2021, Poland has been fined one million euros a day for failing to comply with the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union ordering the suspension of the application of the provisions relating to the powers of the then, challenged as an independent body of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court, including in the matter of waiving the immunity of judges.

Szymon Szynkowski vel Sek, the Minister for European Affairs, announced at the beginning of November last year that the Polish government had submitted a request to suspend the calculation of penalties for non-compliance with the decisions of the EU Court.

On Thursday, the European Commission announcedthat after examining the application, due to non-compliance with the interim measures, the decision to charge penalties was upheld. “Poland was informed about this last week in the reply sent by Commissioner Didier Reynders,” it was reported.

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A record Polish penalty

The findings of the TVN24 correspondent in Brussels, Maciej Sokołowski, show that the penalty imposed by CJEU for Poland in the case of the Disciplinary Chamber wins both in the category of daily fines and sums already accrued. With a penalty of one million euros a day, we jumped this year Italy and the deduction of 360 million for the Disciplinary Chamber is already the largest penalty in history.

The highest fines paid by EU countries (or already deducted by the EC):

Cases still pending, where the procedure has not been completed and the penalties may still increase: 1. Poland C-204/21 R (Disciplinary Chamber) – EUR 360 million 2. Italy C-653/13 – EUR 297 million 3. Italy C-196 /13 – EUR 258 ​​million 4. Italy C-367/14 – EUR 159 million

Cases already closed: 1. France C-304/02 – EUR 77 million 2. Poland C-121/21 R (Turowa case) – EUR 68.5 million 3. Greece C-109/08 – EUR 32 million

The highest daily penalties imposed by the CJEU:

1. Poland C-204/21 R (Disciplinary Chamber) – EUR 1 million 2. Poland C-121/21 R (Turów) – EUR 500,000 3. France C-304/02 – EUR 317,000 4. Italy C- 196/13 – EUR 235,000 5. Italy C-251/17 – EUR 165,000

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Author:Maciej Sokolowski, jr/dap

Main photo source: Shutterstock

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