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The Largest Revelations From Madison Beer’s E-book The Half of It

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A Shut Name

Making the music video for her music “Reckless,” one scene required a water tank and, Beer remembers, that was going to be the final scene they shot that individual night time earlier than calling it a day.

Whereas she was exhaustedly preparing, she writes, her supervisor got here in and knowledgeable her that the tank had burst and all of the water had flooded into the parking zone. They ended up capturing the scene later that very night time in Beer’s pool at her home and everybody agreed that the underwater pictures they wanted had been higher than in the event that they’d used that comparatively confining tank.

As everybody was packing up, Beer remembers, a crew member instructed her that the liner of the tank was manufactured from plastic. It ripped from the underside and all of the water sucked down like a funnel, he defined, and if she’d already been within the tank, she “‘would have been dragged beneath, too'” and been badly injured or caught underwater.

Beer remembers how devastated she’d felt when the tank broke—however now she had the right shot, and she hadn’t been damage in a freak accident. “I am going to by no means know precisely why it occurred,” she writes, “however I went to mattress that night time feeling oddly grateful that it had.”

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