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The bombing in Kabul. World media write about a terrorist attack

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In an attack on Thursday near Kabul airport, at least 12 American soldiers were killed and 15 were injured. The media from all over the world informed about the events in Afghanistan. The Spanish “El Pais” drew attention to the shifting of responsibility for security at the site of the attack. The American “Politico” estimated that the attack in Kabul was the most tragic attack on US soldiers since 2011. The British “Guardian” wrote that it was Joe Biden’s “darkest day”.

In front of the airport in the Afghan capital, Kabul, it happened two explosions. Some sources say that dozens of people were injured and killed as a result of this incident. The Pentagon confirmed that 12 American soldiers were killed in Kabul and another 15 were injured. The so-called Islamic State took responsibility for the attack.

The number of Afghan deaths in the attack is not yet known exactly. According to the Wall Street Journal, which refers to a representative of the Afghan medical service, the figure is at least 90, and at least 150 people have been injured. The world media wrote extensively about the events in Kabul.


The action of the rescue services after the attack in KabulReuters

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“El Pais”: shifting responsibility for security at the point of attack

The Spanish daily “El Pais” points out that the attack at Kabul airport took place the day after American services called on citizens to urgently withdraw from the airport and its vicinity. “The first attack took place in a place where a crowd of people trying to flee the country had been gathering for many days. The second attack, also carried out by a suicide bomber, took place near a hotel about two kilometers from the airport” – reports “El Pais”.

The Madrid daily stressed that although the attack was strongly condemned by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, the statement said that the attack took place in a place where “US forces were responsible for security”. El Pais noted in a comment that the Taliban was in fact responsible for security outside the airport and the Americans for what happened inside the airport.

“We were at the scene when the blast took place.”Reuters

“Le Figaro”: the so-called Islamic State strengthens its position in the region

The French “Le Figaro”, in its extensive analysis of the situation in Afghanistan, informs how the so-called Islamic State has strengthened its position in this country, and how it can use the crisis to achieve its goals.

“The so-called Islamic State remains present in the Middle East region and continues to strengthen its position in other parts of the world, for example in Africa,” notes the French daily. “In a country now controlled by the Taliban, considered an al-Qaeda backbone, Islamists have put down their roots in recent years and are benefiting from the confusion,” it said.

La Stampa: Heartbreaking Images

The Italian “La Stampa” also writes about the terror in Kabul. “Numerous witnesses say that the attackers fired shots into the air. A moment later, people gathered at the airport were warned about a possible missile attack on the object, and the military asked those gathered to leave the area” – informs the daily. “The explosion happened far from the places where the Italian military was operating as part of Operation Aquila, and no Italian was at the site of the attack,” we read.

“La Stampa” also draws attention to “heartbreaking images of victims of the explosion near the entrance to the airport, published by an Afghan journalist. The attack was carried out in the crowd that crowded nearby,” the daily reported.

Explosions near Kabul airportTVN24

“Bild”: Chaos reigned after the attack in Kabul

In turn, the German “Bild” reports that after the explosions that shook Kabul, a series of attacks with rifles took place – there was chaos on the spot, as a result of which the security forces fought with themselves. It was recalled that at one point a third explosion was heard, but “Bilda” said “the blasts were caused by Americans destroying weapons and ammunition” that they would not be able to take from Afghanistan.

“After the explosion in the afternoon, US soldiers used tear gas at another airport gate to separate people. At that time, there were between 2,000 and 4,000 people on the site,” Bild reported.

“The Guardian”: the darkest day of Biden’s presidency

A few hours after the attack in his speech President Joe Biden warned those responsible for the attack that they would be found and punished. “On the darkest day of his presidency, he refused to extend the deadline for the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan,” wrote The Guardian.

A British newspaper reported that “when the details of the terrorist attack came to light, Biden may have been in the command room with the national security team.”

“The death of US personnel is likely to stir US public opinion and increase internal political pressure on Biden, whose decision to withdraw US forces by August 31 has led to divisions in the government and the army,” reported The Guardian.

President Joe Biden asks for a moment of silence to commemorate the fallenTVN24

“Politico”: the most tragic attack on US soldiers since 2011

The American “Politico” points out that the attack in Kabul, in which at least 12 US soldiers were killed, is the most tragic attack since 2011. “After the outbreaks, those associated with the so-called Islamic State opened fire on the crowd,” he recalled.

“Three sources said that shots were fired shortly thereafter by US forces, and NATO soldiers were ordered to immediately leave the airport gates,” Politico reported. “In the videos from the scene of the attack, you could see bodies scattered in a nearby sewage drain” – reported the American portal.

Main photo source: Reuters

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