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The border with Belarus. Migrants from Iraq detained in Poland on Sunday, were supposed to be in Belarus on Monday

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Questions continue about where the children from Michałów and Narewka are. Possible new cases of so-called pushbacks are emerging. This time, a group of migrants from Iraq with four children who claimed to have asked for asylum in Poland was to appear in Belarus again. There is a dramatic appeal for help from there. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

The photo of an Iraqi girl in an ambulance was taken on Sunday night in Poland. The same person was seen on Monday, but already on the Belarusian side. A group of 13 Iraqis – including four children – claim to have been returned to the border even though they have asked for asylum in Poland.


Journalists get recordings from them asking for help. – Please help me because of human rights. Please help me. My family is cold. My family, my child, says the desperate woman.

Migrants detained in Poland on Sunday, found themselves in Belarus on Monday

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The Iraqis were detained on Sunday night near Narewka. They were outside the state of emergency. On the spot they were helped by the residents and the Salvation Foundation. – I spoke to the border guard. I said that I am a proxy, that I declare on behalf of people that they want to apply for protection. The people were placed in the truck and the truck drove away – says Piotr Bustianin from the Salvation Foundation.

On Sunday, the Iraqi girl was taken to a Polish ambulance. A day later she was seen on the Belarusian sideTVN24

A man who lives in the state of emergency, seeing that a truck with migrants was going to the border, followed it and recorded everything. – I did not like the fact that these cars turned in the completely wrong direction in which they should go to the facility – says Maciej Jaworski. – There was a detention one and a half kilometers from the facility, and the cars drove towards the border about 12 kilometers, to the town of Stare Masiewo. We were stopped there by the police and we could not enter further – he adds.

Journalists asked migrants to send their current location. According to their reports, they are in Belarus, just outside the village of Stare Masiewo. The Border Guard told reporters otherwise. – Thirteen Iraqi citizens are on the premises of the Border Guard. Activities are underway – said 2nd Lt. Anna Michalska.

Difficult situation of migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border

Activists who help migrants say they find them in deteriorating condition. A family from Syria – a 50-year-old woman, her brother and granddaughter – was found in Szymki. – They were only covered with clothes, one blanket. A girl, a Syrian girl, lay between them. It was the warmth they still had, they tried to give back to the child. However, they themselves were on the verge of exhaustion – says Iwo Łoś from the Granica Group.

Doctors from the group Medycy na Granicy (Medycy na Granicy) went to the migrants in the forest. – A dying woman. It was actually the last moment to save her life. A middle-aged man, chilled, dehydrated. The child is in good condition – says Paweł Podkościelny, a doctor from the Medycy na Granicy group.

The family was taken to a hospital in Hajnówka. According to the coordinator of the Hospital Emergency Department in Hajnówka, Piotr Pienzin, the woman is in a serious condition and undergoes intensive pharmacotherapy.

Migrants find it harder and harder to survive the nights outdoors. The temperature at night is already falling below freezing. – I am most afraid of the fact that when maize mowing begins, that many people who have lost their lives will find there – says Maria Bożena Ancipiuk, chairman of the City Council in Michałów. People lured by the Belarusian dictator want to get out of the trap. The situation is getting more and more serious.

Author:Sylwia Piestrzyńska

Main photo source: TVN24

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