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Friday, December 3, 2021

The border with Belarus. USA. Congressmen condemn Lukashenka’s regime

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Democrat Bob Menendez, head of the US Senate’s foreign affairs committee, called for new sanctions against Belarus, calling the actions of the Minsk regime a “grotesque hybrid attack” on European Union states. A similar announcement was also made by Republican Congressman Chris Smith.

“I strongly condemn the smuggling of migrant families by the Lukashenka regime to the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia to provoke a political and humanitarian crisis,” Democrat Bob Menendez said in a press release. The New Jersey senator assured that the actions of the Belarusian authorities would meet with a solidary response from the West.


“From hijacking planes to arrest journalists, through torturing their own citizens, electoral fraud, and now an attempt to create a migration crisis, Lukashenka and his sponsors in Moscow will continue to meet a united front of firmness and constant solidarity with Belarus,” wrote the politician, calling the present Minsk’s actions with a “grotesque hybrid attack”.

Menendez, head of the Senate’s foreign affairs committees, called on President Biden to “urgently take action in coordination with European partners” to extend sanctions against Belarus.

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Congressman Chris Smith: Poland is clearly under attack

On Friday, Lukashenka’s actions were also stigmatized by another New Jersey politician, Congressman Chris Smith, who belongs to the parliamentary team for Poland and the team of “friends of Belarus”. “Lukashenka has found a new way to use the weakest as weapons and cynically use their desperation to punish Poland for its sanctions,” said Smith.

“Poland is clearly under attack. All democracies should unite to support Poland and oppose the cynical efforts of the Lukashenka regime to exploit the plight of the people for political ends,” he added.

Menendez, along with democratic members of the Senate committee, condemned Lukashenka’s actions on Twitter on Tuesday. They also expressed their indignation, among others Republican Senator Marco Rubio; and Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

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