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The British army allows soldiers to wear beards as long as they are neat

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You can have fun reading the British manual for soldiers who want to wear a beard. She is specific and detailed. After 100 years of prohibition, with the consent of King Charles the Third, the regulations in the British Army were finally changed. They entered into force on Friday.

From its proud tradition to the defense minister's recent statement that the ban is ridiculous and hinders recruiting, beards in the military have generated a lot of emotion over the last 100 years. Finally, the ban on wearing them disappears. The decision was announced on Thursday. It entered into force on Friday. The soldiers were told that the lifting of the ban did not mean complete freedom and that the facial hair must be neat, as the image of the army could not deteriorate under any circumstances.

Permissible facial hair in the British armyFakty TVN

New guidelines for wearing a beard

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– As with current mustache guidelines, you should expect your appearance to be reviewed to ensure your beard complies with the regulations if you decide to grow it. However, there will be situations where operational or professional considerations may mean that you may be asked to shave when circumstances require it, explains Paul Carney, Chief Warrant Officer in the British Army. A similar situation may occur in a representative company. The new rules are illustrated with a graphic that states that only “full beards” will be allowed, the length of which must be between 2.5 mm and 25.5 mm. It must be cut on the cheekbones and neck, and cannot be “patchy or uneven”. There are no, as noted, “exaggerated colors” involved.

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Royal Navy sailors have been able to wear facial hair for a long time, with the consent of their commander, and in the Royal Air Force, regulations allowing pilots to grow beards were introduced in 2019.

Some senior army officers are not convinced of the changes – they remind that the ban was introduced, among other things, to prevent facial hair from obstructing the adhesion of gas masks. The command responded briefly to these concerns: in the event of a threat of a chemical attack, an order would be issued to shave the beards.

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