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Friday, October 22, 2021

The BTS team appeared before the UN General Assembly

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The South Korean BTS team spoke to the UN General Assembly to promote the global goals of fighting poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change. The group previously shot a video for the song “Permission to Dance” at the headquarters of the organization.

The BTS team, whose members have declared that they are all fully vaccinated against COVID-19, appeared in person before the United Nations General Assembly as special envoys for the UN President on future generations and culture. They were introduced by the President of South Korea, Moon Dze Ina, and spoke, among other things, about the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

BTS at the UN headquartersJOHN ANGELILLO / EPA / PAP

Jungkook: I was saddened that the graduation ceremonies were canceled

The group members shared their thoughts and their thoughts with young people around the world on the last two years and the future, expressing their frustration during the pandemic.

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“I was saddened to hear that the admission and graduation ceremonies had to be canceled,” said Jeon Jung-Kook, aka Jungkook. – These are the moments in your life that you want to celebrate and canceling them must have been annoying. We were heartbroken when our long-planned tours were canceled – he added.

BTS at the UN headquartersJOHN ANGELILLO / EPA / PAP

BTS: Young People Are Not “Lost Generations”

Singers also argued that the youth is not “the lost generation of COVID”. “I think it is exaggerated to say that they got lost just because the paths they are walking are not noticed by adults,” said BTS group leader Kim Nam-Joon, aka RM.

Kim Seok-Jin, aka Jin, added: “Instead of a lost generation,” welcome generation “would be a more appropriate name, because instead of fearing change, the generation says hello and moves on.”

BTS at the UN headquartersJOHN ANGELILLO / EPA / PAP

Clip at the UN headquarters

The seven-member group shot a music video for the song “Permission to Dance” at the United Nations headquarters in New York over the weekend. They walked dancing through the hall of the General Assembly.

The clip was aired during their speech.

Main photo source: JOHN ANGELILLO / EPA / PAP

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