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The case of Kaczyński’s “two towers”. Jacek Bilewicz, acting national prosecutor: these circumstances will have to be verified during the trial procedure

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Jacek Bilewicz, acting national prosecutor, referred in an interview with “Newsweek” to the “two towers” case and to the fact that PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński was not questioned by investigators in connection with it. “These circumstances will certainly have to be verified during the trial,” he said.

Jacek Bilewicz, in an interview for “Newsweek”, was asked what if the prosecutor’s office receives a case involving a minister of the current government. “The legality is that it should be initiated. It will not be like it was during my predecessors with the two towers case,” replied the acting national prosecutor.

To the attention that the president PIS Jaroslaw Kaczynski was not questioned in this matter, Bilewicz replied: “These circumstances will certainly have to be verified in the course of the proceedings. We will focus not only on audits, but also on cases that have been discontinued and will have to be taken up. Even the Supreme Audit Office’s notifications, of which many and refused to initiate proceedings.

However, “Gazeta Wyborcza” learned unofficially that the decision regarding the “two towers” has already been made and “the investigation will be initiated again.”

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The tvn24.pl editorial team sent questions on this matter to the spokesman of the national prosecutor’s office. We have not received a response until the text is published.

The case of the “two towers”

It was “Wyborcza” that described the “two towers” case in January 2019. It was then that she published the first transcript of the recording of a conversation with PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński and Austrian businessman Gerald Birgfellner, regarding plans to build two skyscrapers in Warsaw by the PiS-affiliated company Srebrna.

According to Birgfellner, Kaczyński persuaded him to do so at the beginning of 2018 awarding PLN 50,000, which were supposed to go to priest Rafał Sawicz, who sits on the council of the Institute named after him Lech Kaczyński, owner of the Srebrna company. His signature was important because without the consent of the entire foundation council, the Srebrna company, on whose land two towers were to be built in the center of Warsaw, would not be able to formally participate in the investment.

Jacek Bilewicz acting as national prosecutor

Jacek Bilewicz has been acting as the national prosecutor since January. Ministry of Justice announced then that the reinstatement of prosecutor Dariusz Barski to active service in 2022 was made without a legal basis. According to the Ministry of Justice, this means that as of January 12, as he is no longer in active service, he does not meet the requirements to be a national prosecutor and does not perform this function.

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Main photo source: PAP

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