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The case of Łukasz Mejza. Mieczysław Baszko, member of the PiS club, about whispers and shamans

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The company of Deputy Minister of Sport, Łukasz Mejza, promised to treat the patients without treatment, using methods that are not medically confirmed, concluded Wirtualna Polska. The controversy surrounding the deputy minister continues, and questions about his dismissal are also multiplying. When asked about this case, Mieczysław Baszko, MP from the Law and Justice club, admitted that he himself knows people who seek help in “unconventional medicine that is not scientifically registered”. As an example, he gave whispers from Podlasie and a story about an Indian shaman.

The journalists of Wirtualna Polska describe the present case Łukasz Mejza, Deputy Minister of Sport. The company Vinci NeoClinic founded by him promised to treat people struggling with incurable diseases, they determined. The method she praised has no medical confirmation. Treatment fees started at $ 80,000. On Monday, Wirtualna Polska published another text in which journalists collected stories of people who had contact with Vinci NeoClinic and were persuaded to undergo unproven therapy. Mejza claims that WP publications are “a series of blatant lies” and announces that the case will go to court.

Many politicians – not only from the opposition – are calling on the government to dismiss Meuse. Prime Minister Morawiecki said on Monday that “the situation will certainly be the subject of very detailed explanations now.”


MP from the PiS club about whispers from Podlasie and the Indian shaman

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Mieczysław Baszko, MP from the Law and Justice club, was also asked about the matter. – Anyone can be judged. I am an advocate to double check. I am of the opinion that the suffering seek different help, I know such people also at home in the Podlaskie Voivodeship – he said.

Baszko said that his friend “also went to China and was happy with it”. – It costs, but [jeżeli chodzi – red.] for help, everyone is looking for everything – he explained, adding that he knows a lot of people who use “unconventional medicine, which is not so scientifically registered”.

Mieczysław Baszko about the Indian shaman TVN24

When asked if he did not see anything wrong with what – according to WP – Mejza was doing, Baszko replied: – No, I would like to ask someone in need in various situations, for example, I would point out such addresses that they are medicine. – People exchange experiences among themselves, whether it helped or not – he said.

He gave whispers from Podlasie as an example. – Nobody recognizes this, but they go to Orla and it helps. What, will I forbid them? I will not forbid them, these people. They go over there and say it helps them. You can not one sign yes “no, because no” – he assessed.

– Sick and drowning, sometimes razors grab. I understand these people that they made access to find somewhere, so that someone would help them this trip, to organize it – he emphasized.

Baszko referred to the “Literatura” weekly published in the 1970s and 1980s, which described the case of a woman whose “our scientific medicine said that this person would die in three months”. – On the plane, the Indian sits with this lady and says “the lady was supposed to die in three months”. And he, some shaman, healed her, and she lived a long time. When the professor saw her alive, he was very surprised – he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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