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The case of MP Łukasz Mejza. Political scientists comment. “It is a burden for PiS”

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Łukasz Mejza, MP, is a burden for Law and Justice. The probability of his cancellation is very high – said Dr. Anna Materska-Sosnowska in “Fakty po Faktach”. According to Professor Antoni Dudek, “PiS will remain in power without Mejza’s MP.”

The journalists of Wirtualna Polska describe the case of the deputy minister of sport, Łukasz Mejza. The company Vinci NeoClinic founded by him promised to treat people struggling with incurable diseases, they determined. The method praised by Mejza has no medical confirmation. Treatment fees started at $ 80,000. On Monday, Wirtualna Polska published another text in which journalists collected stories of people who had contact with Vinci NeoClinic and were persuaded to undergo unproven therapy. Mejza claims that WP publications are “a series of blatant lies” and announces that the case will go to court.

The case was addressed by political scientists: Dr. Anna Materska-Sosnowska from the University of Warsaw and prof. Antoni Dudek from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University.


MP Mejza “a heavy burden” for the government

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When asked if Jarosław Kaczyński is hostage to MP Łukasz Mejza, Dr. Materska-Sosnowska she assessed that “maybe not the MP Mejza himself is the main dealer, but the group itself [Republikanie – red.]to which he belongs is an important grouping. ” – she said.

– The probability of dismissing the Minister of Mejza is very high, because it is a heavy burden for the entire government and for Law and Justice. It does not change the fact that he will vote with them – she said.

Dudek: Without Mejza, PiS will remain in powerTVN24

“Without Mejza, PiS will remain in power”

According to prof. Dudek, “without Mejza MP, PiS will remain in power.” – He is an image burden for PiS today and PiS will probably get rid of him. What will be the further arrangements between President Kaczyński and MP Mejza (…) it is less important – he said.

– I’m more interested in who President Kaczyński will replace Mr. Meya, because I think that Jarosław Kaczyński has a few MPs in this Sejm who can go to the power camp, because power has the power of attraction. President Kaczyński repeatedly proved that when the majority began to fall apart, he suddenly won more politicians with parliamentary seats, he said.

He pointed out that PiS was charging the appointment of Mejzy as deputy minister. – It gives a fatal testimony to the secret services that should check such a figure. President Kaczyński (…) likes to keep secrets in his own drawer, he likes to have people on whom he has hooks and surrounds himself with such people. This tactic has the risk that from time to time something comes out of this drawer and we learn about the people who support President Kaczyński and their uninteresting past – he assessed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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