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The case of Olewnik. The court does not know the whereabouts of the witness, but still wants to question him

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Ireneusz P. pseudonym Bokserek, one of Krzysztof Olewnik’s kidnappers, who took place in 2001, who is currently acting as a witness in the case, to be questioned on June 19. The problem, however, is that the court does not know where the man is and whether he will appear for this hearing. The current case started in 2022. Three people previously convicted or accused of kidnapping Olewnik hanged themselves in their cells.

The date of hearings of Ireneusz P., scheduled for June 19, as a witness in the trial for the abduction and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik, remains valid, Iwona Wiśniewska-Bartoszewska, spokeswoman for the District Court in Płock, told the media. She also admitted that the court did not know the whereabouts of Ireneusz P.

The trial in the case of the abduction and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik, in which the indictment against five people, including Jacek K., a close friend and accomplice of the kidnapped, was drawn up by the National Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow, has been pending before the District Court in Płock since March 2022.

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Current whereabouts unknown

During the last hearing, on June 6, referring to a letter received from the police, the court informed the parties to the proceedings that Ireneusz P., summoned as a witness, convicted in 2008 in the first trial in the case of the abduction and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik, declared that he would not appear for questioning, but opted out of the witness protection program. In the ongoing trial, in October 2022, the court, in agreement with the parties, set the dates for the hearings of further witnesses in the case – then the hearing of Ireneusz P. was scheduled for three days, from June 19 to 21.

Responding to the questions of the Polish Press Agency, the spokesperson of the District Court in Płock, judge Iwona Wiśniewska-Bartoszewska, informed that the date of questioning the witness Ireneusz P. on June 19 to 21 “still remains valid”. She added that “no new information” regarding the whereabouts of the witness has recently been received by the court.

– To date, no action has been taken to summon the witness again or to determine his whereabouts. Until the date of the hearings scheduled with his participation, it is impossible to categorically determine whether the witness will appear when summoned by the court, knows the dates of the hearing or not, judge Wiśniewska-Bartoszewska noted. At the same time, she admitted that “the current whereabouts of the witness are unknown to the court.”

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Three found hanged in a cell

Ireneusz P., ps. Boxer, Boxer, comes from Drobin near Płock, where in October 2001 Krzysztof Olewnik was abducted. In the first trial, which in the case of this kidnapping, and then in 2003, the murder of the abductee, took place in 2007-2008, Ireneusz P. was sentenced by the District Court in Płock to a total penalty of 14 years in prison with the possibility of applying for conditional early release. release after serving a sentence of 12 years. Ireneusz P. was then one of the 11 defendants, including Robert Pazik and Sławomir Kościuk, who were eventually sentenced to life imprisonment – after the verdict was announced, they were found hanged in the cells of the Prison in Płock: Kościuk in 2008 and Pazik in 2009.

Even before this trial, in 2007, Wojciech Franiewski was found hanged in a cell of the Remand Prison in Olsztyn. According to the then findings of the local District Prosecutor’s Office, he was the head of the group that kidnapped Krzysztof Olewnik. Ireneusz P. and Wojciech Franiewski met in 1998 while serving sentences in the Płock prison. It was then – as Ireneusz P. admitted during the first trial – that he told Wojciech Franiewski about the Olewnik family, and he was to suggest that the money “is best done on kidnapping some rich person for ransom”. Later it turned out that Krzysztof Olewnik, who lived alone, was chosen as the kidnapping victim.

He “lived” in the place where the kidnapped was kept

At the beginning of 2003, the Olewnik family received an anonymous letter in which Ireneusz P. and Pazik, also from Drobin, were identified as participating in the kidnapping. The anonymous message also stated that Krzysztof Olewnik was then imprisoned by kidnappers in the vicinity of Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. After being detained in 2006, Ireneusz P. gave explanations and admitted to participating in the abductee’s detention.

During the current trial in the case of the kidnapping and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik, Katarzyna R., then wife of Wojciech Franiewski – the woman now has a different surname, testified as a witness before the Płock District Court that she was going to a house on a plot in Kałuszyn (Mazowieckie) – where, how it later turned out that Krzysztof Olewnik was imprisoned – delivering food for Ireneusz P., who “lived there”. Katarzyna R. explained that Wojciech Franiewski told her then that Ireneusz P. must be hiding in Kałuszyn because he had beaten someone. Kałuszyn, as she reported, was also visited by Sławomir Kościuk.

Katarzyna R. in the first trial for the abduction and murder of Krzysztof Olewnik was accused of participating in an organized criminal group – she was finally acquitted of this charge. The court then sentenced her to one year in prison, suspended for three years, for concealing documents.

New findings of the prosecution

In the indictment that was sent to the district court in Płock at the end of June 2021., the Krakow branch of the National Prosecutor’s Office accused Jacek K., friend and partner of Krzysztof Olewnik, of participation in an organized armed criminal group and participation in taking Krzysztof Olewnik hostage by force, holding him until he paid a ransom of PLN 300,000. euro. The period and manner of detaining the abductee, through e.g. chaining to the walls and placing the victim in a waste tank, was associated with his particular torment, and finally he was deprived of life. During the first hearing, in March 2022, Jacek K. did not admit to the alleged acts and described the allegations as absurd.

Similar allegations as in the case of Jacek K., including participation in the armed group that kidnapped Krzysztof Olewnik, were also presented to Eugeniusz D., ps. Gene. The indictment also covered Grzegorz K., a former local government official from Sierpc, who was accused of i.a. taking advantage of the emotional state and position of Włodzimierz Olewnik, i.e. the abducted father, for financial gain, and providing him with false information and extortion of PLN 160,000. zloty. The accusations of leading Włodzimierz Olewnik to an unfavorable disposal of property were also presented to two other defendants, including Andrzej Ł. by over 120,000 PLN and untrue assurance about the possibility of releasing the kidnapped person and Mikołaj B. – it concerns e.g. to donate 13,000 PLN and misleading as to the possibility of identifying the login locations of the phone used by the perpetrators of the abduction.

The files of the proceedings pending before the District Court in Płock, together with attachments, amount to over 400 volumes. At this stage, the hearings are scheduled for early December.

After Krzysztof Olewnik was abducted from his home on the night of 26/27 October 2001, the perpetrators contacted his family dozens of times, demanding a ransom. In July 2003, 300,000 were handed over to the kidnappers. euros, but the abductee was not released. As it turned out later, he was murdered a month after the criminals took the money. His body was buried in a forest near the village of Różan (Mazowieckie) – the corpse was found only in 2006.

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