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The case of the head of the post office in Pacanów; professor Andrzej Rychard: if it weren’t for the free media, she would be in a dramatic situation

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– If not for the work of journalists, the public would never have learned about the behavior of Minister Michał Cieślak. A postal worker in Pacanów would most likely be unemployed today, in a dramatic situation, comments Professor Andrzej Rychard, sociologist and director of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Ultimately, after the issue was publicized, the minister was forced to resign. Professor Rychard emphasized that this example clearly shows how important free media is for citizens.

On Wednesday, Professor Andrzej Rychard was the guest of Fakt after Fakt. The host of the program, Piotr Marciniak, stated that if it were not for the media attention, the head of the post office in Pacanów, who dared to draw the attention of the minister in the prime minister’s office for local government, to the price “would be after the disciplinary dismissal”:

– Minister Cieślak, together with his colleague from the post office, would rub their hands, saying: we have shown who is in charge here – said Piotr Marciniak.

– Highly likely, if not certain, that it would. We learn about most things from the media anyway. He is one of those ministers who becomes known only when there is a scandal around him – replied prof. Rychard.

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In his opinion, it was the social pressure that forced the politicians Law and Justice tough stance on the incident:

– The message that went to the electorate is good: someone made us wrong and tomorrow it is gone – he replied. He noted, however, that there may be many similar situations, but not all of them reach the public opinion.

The role of free media

Professor Andrzej Rychard said in an interview with tvn24.pl on Thursday that thanks to journalists from free media, politicians must be aware that their sense of superiority and willingness to “show their place in a row to other citizens” may come back to them with double strength in the form of public anger:

– If there were no journalists, the feeling of impunity for the authorities would be much greater. A postal worker would certainly be in a dramatic situation today. Just like any other citizen who dared to mess with the authorities, says Professor Rychard.

Michał CieślakLeszek Szymański / PAP

Cieślak resigned, he had no choice

On Wednesday evening, Michał Cieślak informed on Twitter that he was resigning from the ministerial position in the prime minister’s office. He made his decision after – as instructed – a conversation with the PiS chairman, deputy prime minister Jarosław Kaczyński and president of the Republican Party Adam Bielan.

“Responsibility for the future of our political camp often requires making difficult decisions. To the prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki thank you for your trust and cooperation “- added Cieślak in the next entry.

Earlier on Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister and PiS head Jarosław Kaczyński, during a meeting with the residents of Sochaczew, said that he was expecting the minister in the office of the prime minister for local government Michał Cieślak that he would resigni. He added that if Cieślak did not do it, he would be dismissed.

The case of the head of the post office from Pacanów

Head of the post office from Pacanów (Świętokrzyskie Province) Agnieszka Głazek she got into an argument with the minister for local government, Michał Cieślak. The conversation between her and the minister took place on June 3 at a Polish Post office.

The woman decided to talk to the politician about high prices. In an interview with TVN24, she told about the situation and admittedthat she was agitated and carried away by emotions. Shortly after the conversation, she received a phone call from the director’s office in Kielce. She was called “on the rug”. “The director told me that I would be disciplinary dismissed, because I was affected by a ministerial complaint because I talked about political issues with Mr. Cieślak. He accused me of using profanity, which was not true,” she told Gazeta Wyborcza.


Agnieszka Głazek on the reaction to her conversation with the minister: my legs buckled under meTVN24

Alone Minister Cieślak explained his behavior in conversation with journalists. – First of all, I want to say that I am sorry that such a situation even happened. I want to say here that my intention was not that someone would complain about the situation, that they wanted to have a better job, earn more. This applies to all of us, everyone would like to have a better job, earn better and have lower credit – he said, among others.

Asked several times by journalists as to what exactly the head of the post office told him, he did not reply.

Minister Cieślak also referred to the existing situation earlieron Tuesday.

Michał Cieślak explains his complaint to the president of Poczta Polska.  The entire statement

Michał Cieślak explains his complaint to the president of Poczta Polska. The entire statementTVN24

In place of Minister Michał Cieślak, the National Board of the Republican Party recommended Włodzimierz Tomaszewski.

Main photo source: PAP / Radek Pietruszka

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