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The case of Tomasz L., arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia. Piotr Świerczek explains the case of a former employee of the WSI liquidation commission

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Tomasz L. had access to everything gathered by the Military Information Service, said Piotr Świerczek, the author of the material “History of the Agent”, in “Wstasz i Know”. A former member of the WSI liquidation commission and an employee of the Warsaw office was arrested this year on charges of spying for Russia. Świerczek indicated that the members of the liquidation commission were preparing documents necessary for the activities of the verification commission. – They passed through their hands files containing data not only of Polish officers – he said.

Tomasz L. was detained in March 2022 by the Internal Security Agency on charges of spying for the Russian Federation. An employee of the Registry Office in Warsaw, 16 years earlier, in 2006, he was a member of the liquidation commission of the Military Information Services. He had access to the greatest secrets of Polish military intelligence and counterintelligence. We have the relevant documents, including the composition of the commission in which he worked and orders with his tasks, which indisputably confirm the involvement of Tomasz L. in the process of liquidation of the WSI.


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The reporter “Black and white” Piotr Świerczek, the author of the reportage “History of the agent” commented on this case on TVN24. “He’s only been charged with charges, so he’s a suspect,” he said.

He reminded that the ABW announced a success and “this success was made public, and after a few months it turns out – when investigators began to look more closely at Tomasz L.’s biography – that this is just the tip of the iceberg.” – Because his last activity in the Registry Office is only the end of his career, and in 2006 he simply had access to the greatest secrets of the Polish state due to the function he performed at that time – pointed out the journalist.

The case of Tomasz L. and his role in the liquidation process of the WSI. The whole conversation with Piotr ŚwierczekTVN24

“There were two commissions – liquidation and verification”

He also explained that “there were two commissions – liquidation and verification”. – Both established in the act that regulated the method of liquidation of the Military Information Services. It is known that the verification commission was appointed in part by the president Lech KaczynskiPrime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski – 12 members each. And the chairman of this commission was Antoni Macierewicz – he said.

But there was also a liquidation commission. The act clearly stated that it must be formally appointed by the then Minister of National Defense – he continued. He added that “the manner of appointing this commission was simply regulated by an ordinance.” – There were also 24 of these members, but some of them were active officers of the Military Information Services – the guest said “You get up and you know”.

Świerczek said that the composition of this committee was not made public. These were not classified documents. Nine civilians inside, many people associated with politicians, many people experienced in browsing through archives, but all these people were certainly not random – he assessed.

What did the liquidation committee do?

Świerczek informed that “the liquidation commission was actually preparing the ground for the work of the verification commission”. – The verification committee summoned officers of the Military Information Services to such hearings and meetings and decided whether they were fit for further service, whether they were not burdened with any scandals or connections with foreign intelligence – he said.

As he said, the “papers” for the verification commission were prepared by the liquidation commission. – This liquidation commission was just carrying out such an inventory, strictly accounting work. Go to a given WSI unit, see the wardrobe, look through the numbers, write down the numbers, see the files, take an inventory of the files, see real estate, including operating apartments, where Polish intelligence officers met – he enumerated.

Świerczek: there were two commissions - liquidation and verification

Świerczek: there were two commissions – liquidation and verificationTVN24

– For sure, files passed through their hands, containing not only Polish officers – often, let us remember, these officers worked under several PESEL numbers, their identity was secret, they worked under false names and surnames – but there were also agents whose we acquired, for example, in the Russian Federation or in other countries.” – Or agents that we exposed in Poland, and we wanted to use them in a clever way, for example, giving them false information already on the spot – he added.

Tomasz L. “had access to everything that is important for Polish intelligence”

In his opinion, “it’s scary to think what knowledge Tomasz L. could have acquired at that time”. – Although let’s make it clear, we do not know if he was already carrying out any activities for foreign intelligence at that time – the reporter reserved.

He also pointed out that “Tomasz L. had access to everything that the Military Information Service gathered in its resources.” – He had access to the files with the data of agents, with the data of officers, he had access to data related to infrastructure, so that he even knew the apartments where our officers and informants met informally, he had access to everything that is important for Polish intelligence, to the secrets of the Polish state – Świerczek added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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