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The case of Tymoteusz Szydło, an investigation related to entries about him. The prosecutor’s office asks for help from the US and Great Britain, changes the qualification of the investigation

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The Polish prosecutor’s office investigating online posts about Tymoteusz Szydło, the son of former Prime Minister Beata Szydło, asked the United States and Great Britain for help, reported Wirtualna Polska. The portal also pointed out that the prosecutor’s office usually only gets involved in defamation cases when there is a “public interest”. When asked what he was like in this case, she did not answer.

About Tymoteusz Szydło – the son of the former prime minister and currently an MEP PIS Beata Szydło – they began to say when was ordained priest in 2017. After the holidays in 2019, he was to be transferred from the parish in Buczkowice to the parish of St. Maximilian Kolbe in Oświęcim, but he did not appear there. The then priest Szydło went on indefinite leave. Then rumors and speculations about the reasons for his absence began to appear on the Internet. It was suggested that the priest became involved with a woman or that he would become a father.

As Wirtualna Polska wrote in Wednesday’s publication, Maciej Zaborowski, a lawyer who also represented the Minister of Justice, began contacting the media on behalf of Tymoteusz Szydło Zbigniew Ziobro or the president of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek.

According to WP Zaborowski, he sent letters to Internet users posting comments on Tymoteusz Szydło, “informing them about the defamatory nature of the entries and asking them to provide their e-mail address in order to ‘send a scan of the power of attorney and conduct further correspondence'”.

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The Polish prosecutor’s office asks for help from the US and Great Britain

Later, it turned out – reported Wirtualna Polska – that the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw initiated an investigation in connection with the notification of the attorney. Szydło, who eventually left the priesthoodas reported in December 2019, has the status of a victim in this investigation.

As the portal found out, so far only Tymoteusz Szydło and Piotr Surmaczyński, a Polish community activist and writer, who allegedly owned the Facebook account on which the subject of the proceedings appeared, were questioned in the proceedings. Nobody has been charged.

In addition – we read on WP – “the Polish prosecutor’s office in the case of Tymoteusz Szydło asked for help United States and Great Britain”.

“US authorities have been requested to obtain from Facebook Inc., under international legal assistance, data enabling the identification of the profile user. In addition, two potential witnesses who are permanently resident in Great Britain have been identified. interrogation of both witnesses” – Prosecutor Szymon Banna from the press office of the Warsaw district prosecutor’s office informed Wirtualna Polska.

According to the portal, the British judiciary has not responded to the Polish side so far. For this reason, at the end of 2021, the investigation was suspended.

The prosecution is talking about defamation. “This kind of thing costs money”

The Polish Armed Forces also informed that the prosecutor’s office changed the classification of a possible crime. As recalled, in 2021 “Gazeta Wyborcza” reported on an investigation into unlawful access to information, fraud and computer fraud. “Now the prosecutor’s office informs about defamation and insults by means of mass communication” – it was pointed out.

“Both defamation and insult are crimes prosecuted by private prosecution. This means that the aggrieved party himself assumes the role of a prosecutor, collects evidence and accuses the person who slandered or defamed him in court. The prosecutor’s office may become involved in such a case only in specific cases where there is a public interest in doing so.

“So we asked the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw why it joined the case regarding Tymoteusz Szydło and what the public interest was in it. The prosecutor’s office did not answer,” we read.

Judge Bartłomiej Przymusiński, spokesman for the Association of Polish Judges “IUSTITIA”, commented on the case as follows: “Even when someone defames a judge in connection with the performance of his official duties, the prosecutor’s office very often refuses to conduct the case. Then a public official must defend his good name himself “The prosecutor’s office should explain what public interest is in favor of conducting a case involving a private person. Let us remember that every case of this type costs money – these are the costs of correspondence, translations. We all pay for one particular person to be able to prosecute someone.”

On July 6, the portal sent questions to Tymoteusz Szydło through attorney Zaborowski. They were asked “whether he thinks that the prosecutor’s office should deal with internet entries that he considers defamatory, since the crime of defamation is prosecuted privately”; “how the prosecutor’s office justified the existence of the public interest to take up the issue of entries”; “whether the prosecutor’s office should seek international legal assistance in such proceedings.”

However, HR had not received a response by the time the text was published on Wednesday.

Main photo source: TVN24

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