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The CERT Polska team detected the activities of the UNC1151 hacking group

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The CERT Polska team detected the activities of the UNC1151 hacking group. Criminals, probably associated with the Russian GRU, impersonated persons holding high state functions, using e-mail boxes on a popular portal, the Communications Office of the Ministry of Digitization reported.

The Communications Office of the Ministry of Digitization reported that the government’s plenipotentiary for cybersecurity submitted a notification to the CERT Polska team containing the content of e-mails sent from mailboxes whose names suggested that they belonged to persons holding high state functions.

“The team found that they may have attachments containing the Cobalt Strike malware, which, when installed on the victim’s computer, allows them to steal data, demand ransom or send malicious messages to subsequent recipients” – the Bureau points out.

Elections as the leitmotif of phishing emails

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“CERT Polska experts contacted the postal service provider and immediately blocked suspicious mailboxes in order to limit the spread of malware.

Minister of Digitization Janusz Cieszyński informed about the situation of the electoral representative of the KW Law and Justice – both the persons whose identity the perpetrators impersonated and the recipients of fake news, because they are members and supporters of Law and Justice. Further actions related to clarifying the situation will be carried out by the CERT Polska team and law enforcement authorities,” emphasizes the Ministry of Digitization. The communication reminds that the campaign period is conducive to the use of election topics as the leitmotif of phishing emails. the goal is for the user to take actions in line with the criminals’ intentions, in this case the installation of malicious software” – the Bureau reports. “Phishing emails may contain, for example, invitations to political events or sensational information allegedly concerning issues important to voters” – adds the Ministry’s Communications Office digitization.

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