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The child choked and cannot breathe. How to proceed? Paramedics explain

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On Tuesday, a child who allegedly choked on a grape died in a nursery in Rzeszów. Situations in which a toddler is choking and cannot breathe are not uncommon and it is worth knowing how to behave in such situations. We remind you of the rules of conduct that paramedics explain.

Today we described the story of a three-year-old a child who died on Tuesday in a nursery in Rzeszów. Information about the tragedy was first reported by RMF FM radio, according to which the child choked on a grape. The prosecutor’s office has not yet confirmed this information.

We also wrote about today an infant from Lodz who choked and which needed immediate help. Thanks to the rescuers, the girl’s life was saved. Since the cause of airway obstruction was a nipple blocking the entrance to the trachea, rescuers used a laryngoscope and with the help of special forceps removed the nipple.

Often, however, a few simple steps are enough to help an infant or child who is choking. It is therefore important to know what to do to have a chance of saving someone’s life. Paramedics often spoke on TVN24 about how to behave.

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What to do when a baby chokes?

Konrad Pierzchalski, a paramedic, explained how to provide first aid to a few-month-old child who choked and cannot breathe.

– The most important thing will be that we grab our baby, preferably by the cheekbones, by the hard parts of the face, because in babies the head is heavy and large. Then we bend our baby down slightly and give five backstrokes, he said. At this time, the baby is placed on our forearm.

According to Pieszchalski, interscapular blows cause vibrations on the back muscles, which are transferred to the intercostal muscles and the trachea – therefore the foreign body has a chance to escape from the respiratory tract.

The same is true with older children. However, instead of putting them on the forearm, we can put them over the knee. If these activities do not help, we should perform abdominal pressing. We kneel behind the standing child and embrace him with both hands. We curl one hand into a fist, add the other hand and with energetic movements we press the diaphragm – the point between the navel and the breastbone.

What to do when a child chokes? Lifeguard adviceMarek Nowicki | TVN facts

The next step when hitting between the shoulder blades doesn’t work

But what to do when hitting between the shoulder blades does not work? Artur Żurek, a paramedic, said in an interview with TVN24 that then we can turn the baby over, supporting the head at the level of the back of the head and also press the sternum five times with two fingers pointing vertically downwards.

The entire cycle – alternating 5 blows between the shoulder blades and 5 chest compressions – is repeated until successful or until the infant becomes limp. When the latter occurs, start resuscitation.

As paramedic Filip Hajnus explained, in the case of resuscitation of an infant, we first perform 5 rescue breaths. “If he doesn’t start breathing after these five rescue breaths, we have to give 30 chest compressions, then two rescue breaths, and so on,” he said.

Resuscitation should be continued until emergency services arrive or the infant regains breathing.

How to help a child who is choking

How to help a child who is chokingTVN24

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