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The Civic Coalition is crushing in Poznań. Only one mandate for the Third Way

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The Civic Coalition will have 22 out of 34 councilors in the new Poznań city council – according to the exit poll of the National Research Group for WTK. Społeczny Poznań did not get a seat on the council, and Trzecia Droga is to have only one representative.

According to the exit poll of the National Research Group for WTK from 9 p.m. in the elections to the Poznań City Council, 50.04 percent votes were cast for the Civic Coalition, 15.81 percent. for the United Right, 14.17 percent for the New Left, 10.81 percent for the Third Way, 7.7 percent for Social Poznań. The Pro-Polish Confederation (1.47%) did not exceed the electoral threshold.

This result is a knockout for the Civic Coalition, which would win as many as 22 seats. – I didn't expect it to be so much – commented Grzegorz Ganowicz, chairman of the city council on behalf of the Civic Coalition, on the election evening of WTK television.

The second force would be the New Left with six councillors, the United Right would have five councilors and the Third Way would have just one. Social Poznań, despite exceeding the electoral threshold, would not have a councilor in any of the six districts.

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PiS is expected to lose almost half of its seats

In 2018, the Civic Coalition won 21 seats in the city council. Law and Justice had nine seats, and two each from the Left and Right to the City (now the councilors of both clubs ran from one list).

Pre-election predictions indicated that the Civic Coalition would not have a majority in the council and would have to form a coalition with the Left and Third Way.

The failure of the Third Way

According to pre-election forecasts, the latter group was supposed to introduce several councilors. Meanwhile, the poll shows only one seat. Perhaps the party was harmed by the past of some of the candidates. One of the “ones” of Third Way was Adam Szabelski, a former assistant to PiS MP Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, who sat on the board of the Poznań structures of this party until 2018. In another district, the list was opened by councilor Łukasz Kapustka, who got into the council from PiS, but left the party during the term and joined the Wspólny Poznań club, and there was also a former PiS councilor and the club of the former president of Poznań Ryszard Grobelny, Wojciech Wośkowiak. Tymoteusz Jacyna-Onyszkiewicz, once the only representative of the League of Polish Families on the city council, also fought for the councilor's seat.

There will be a second round in Poznań

According to the same poll, Jacek Jaśkowiak (Civic Coalition) and Zbigniew Czerwiński (United Right) will face each other in the second round of the elections in Poznań. According to him, the incumbent president won 44.6 percent. votes. His rival, Zbigniew Czerwiński – 18.1 percent.

Third place went to Przemysław Plewiński (Trzecia Droga) – 14.8 percent, and fourth – with a slight loss – was Beata Urbańska (Nowa Lewica) – 14.4 percent. votes. 8.1% of voters voted for Łukasz Garczewski (Social Poznań). voters.

Main photo source: Poznań City Investments

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