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The cleanest bathing areas in Poland 2023. Which beaches and marinas received the Blue Flag? Full list

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Thirty-four Polish bathing beaches and marinas were awarded the Blue Flag in the 2023 season in the list prepared by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Most of these places are located directly on the Baltic Sea or in the waters adjacent to it. Worldwide, more than five thousand bathing beaches and marinas can boast of this award.

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FDEE) has been keeping a list of the cleanest, safest and most ecological bathing beaches and marinas in the world since 1985. The Blue Flag can be awarded to those that meet the criteria in the field of water quality, activities for environmental education, environmental management and safety, and the quality of services provided. In the 2023 season, this distinction was awarded to 5,036 bathing beaches and marinas (ports) in 51 countries around the world, including 34 places in Poland. They were awarded last year 43 Polish places.

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Polish bathing areas awarded the Blue Flag

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Among the Polish places awarded the Blue Flag, there are 29 bathing beaches and 5 marinas. Most of them are located directly on the Baltic Sea or in the waters adjacent to it. Here is the full list:

1. Bathing resort in Zieleniewo on Lake Miedwie 2. Inland bathing resort in Lubczyna 3. Bathing resort in Stepnica on the Szczecin Lagoon 4. Sea bathing resort Świnoujście – Usedom 5. Yacht Port Jerzego Porębskiego – Świnoujście 6. Świnoujście Warszów sea bath 7. Międzyzdroje Wschód sea bath 8. Marina Wapnica – Międzyzdroje 9. Międzywodzie sea bath 10. Dziwnów sea bath 11. Dziwnówek sea bath 12. Pobierowo beach western beach 13. Pustkowo bath 14 Bathing area Trzęsacz 15. Rewal Bathing Area 16. Pogorzelica Bathing Area 17. Niechorze Bathing Area 18. Mrzeżyno West Bathing Area 19. Grzybowo Bathing Area 20. Dźwirzyno Bathing Area 21. Kołobrzeg Zachód Sea Bathing Area “TRM Beach” 22. Kołobrzeg East Sea Bathing Area “B” altyk” 23. Kołobrzeg seaside resort East “Stone Lair” 24. Marina Solna – Kołobrzeg 25. Dąbki West Bathing Area 26. Mielno 216 Bathing Area 27. Darłówko Zachodnie 28. Ustka West II 29. WOPR Training and Recreation Center in Borówno 30. Marina Yacht Park in Gdynia 31. Koliba Bathing Area in Sopot 32. Gdańsk Stogi swimming pool 33. Gdańsk Sobieszewo swimming pool 34. Marina Gdańsk

As the FDEE writes on its website, facilities distinguished by the Blue Flag can be recognized by the Blue Flag flying over them and the information board placed in the central point of the bathing beach or marina. The reward is only valid for one season. Every year you have to apply for it again, and each time you have to pass a strict control.

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