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The commission appointed by the PZT does not confirm the allegations against the former president of the Skrzypczyński union

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The report of a special commission appointed by the Polish Tennis Association (PZT) shows that the allegations, among others mobbing and sexual harassment against the former president of the PZT were not confirmed in the evidence. At the same time, the committee, based on the collected material, concluded that Mirosław Skrzypczyński was an excellent coach.

A special commission appointed by the Polish Tennis Association to clarify the circumstances related to media reports in publications regarding the former president of PZT Mirosław Skrzypczyński, after more than six months of work, published a report.

In the document, which is over one hundred pages long, the commission reminded that the reason for establishing the commission was the series of publications on the Onet portal from October to December 2022.

As noted, 34 witnesses were heard for this purpose, but the people who publicly accused Skrzypczyński of improper behavior did not cooperate with the commission, while the former head of the PZT provided explanations.

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In addition, anonymous surveys were carried out, PZT materials were analyzed, which gave a total of 2,300 pages of documentation. The Commission also contacted the World Tennis Federation (ITF) and the National Pedophilia Commission.

The Commission also emphasized that no one from the PZT board or other authorities made any attempts to directly or indirectly influence the course of its work and the content of the report, and did not present any expectations as to its results.

Skrzypczyński denies allegations of sexual harassment

The report indicated that Skrzypczyński vehemently denied the allegations of sexual harassment. – There were always 50-60 kids at the facility, 4-5 coaches, these stories are out of nowhere – he said.

MP Katarzyna Kotula, who was Skrzypczyński’s ward as a teenager, told Onet journalists that the former president of PZT spoke sexist texts to teenagers and ordered her and selected players to come to the “office” in the club, where he locked himself with her at least a dozen times as well as with other players. She was allegedly molested by touching her breasts and buttocks.

Left-wing MP Katarzyna Kotula confessed that she was sexually harassed by Mirosław SkrzypczyńskiHe used mental, physical and sexual violence against me – said Katarzyna Kotula, an MP from the Left, on TVN24 about the current president of the Polish Tennis Association. Mirosław Skrzypczyński was its coach in the 90s. She’s not the only one accusing him of violence. There are more reports, more victims report. Including the woman to whom he proposed a night at the hotel during the Memorial of Maria and Lech Kaczyński.Katarzyna Kowalska | Facts in the afternoon

– What is called an office, I call an office. No one locked himself in the office with anyone. Then there was a renovation in 1992 and the office was upstairs, with glass windows, and the players had locker rooms downstairs. There you can make coffee and tea – said Skrzypczyński before the Commission.

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“All the witnesses heard about the events in Gryfino agreed that due to the large number of people staying in the club and due to the small environment, it is unlikely or even improbable that acts of harassment could take place unnoticed and information about it would not come to the attention of the public. third parties,” the report said.

They slept in the same room, he denies the allegations

Tennis player Katarzyna Teodorowicz accused Skrzypczyński of putting sleeping pills on her during breakfast on the day of the final games at the Polish Indoor Championships in February 1990.

Teodorowicz-Lisowska on Skrzypczyński: I felt that this man should be feared

Teodorowicz-Lisowska on Skrzypczyński: I felt that this man should be feared

The former president of the PZT, referring to these allegations, mentioned that they went to the tournament in one car and confirmed that they slept in one room at the Wera hotel, “because the club did not give any money”.

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On the day of the semi-final, as Skrzypczyński mentioned, “then she no longer had breakfast with us, moreover, we were supposed to train, but she was training with someone else.” He was also to deny that there were parties in the house, because they did not drink alcohol at all.

“I had a run-in with the waiter”

Another person who accused Skrzypczyński of inappropriate, sexist behavior was Ewa Ciszek, then an employee of the center in Kozerki. The report indicates that the former president of the PZT denies these accusations as well.

23/11/2022 |  The president of the Polish Tennis Association accused of harassment by Ewa Ciszek. "The case spread around the world"

23/11/2022 | The president of the Polish Tennis Association accused of harassment by Ewa Ciszek. “The case has spread around the world”There is another victim of sexual attacks by the president of the Polish Tennis Association known by name – Ewa Ciszek. She dared to speak after the confessions of Katarzyna Kotula, once a young tennis player, and today an MP of the Left. Marzanna Zielinska | TVN facts

– During my stay, I came to the swimming pool at 6:30, took a bath for half an hour, breakfast was in the form of a buffet, I ate breakfast in the company of the vice-president of the Czech federation, Marina Hynek. He mostly drank coffee. I ate the rest of my breakfast with my daughter – said Skrzypczyński.

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– I didn’t order any scrambled eggs. I do not know any woman, I have associated one woman with whom I spoke, (…) she is a waitress, she wears gold glasses, which I noticed – he added.

As for the described row with the waiter, he stated: “I had one short-circuit with the waiter from the service, because he messed up the order terribly, he was late. A younger waiter came and took care of it.”

Commission: the allegations are not supported by the evidence

The synthesis of the report reads: “The allegations of sexual harassment, secretly administering a sleeping pill to the player and the use of violent coaching methods by Mr. Mirosław Skrzypczyński, described in the series of publications on the Onet portal in the period from October 28, 2022 to December 1, 2022, are not confirmed in the evidence collected by the committee.

At the same time, the commission, on the basis of the collected material, concluded that Skrzypczyński performed the role of a coach excellently, and all interviewed witnesses assessed him very highly as a manager and PZT activist.

Miroslaw SkrzypczyńskiPZT

As noted, its weak point is interpersonal relationships, e.g. he was supposed to rule in an authoritarian way, and his vocabulary was supposed to offend many people.

The Commission also included in the report a number of recommendations for the PZT, e.g. regarding the introduction to the training program for coaches of issues including elements of psychology of children and youth of different ages, as well as periodic anonymous surveys among players whether they are subject to violent behavior in clubs or the appointment of something like a “players’ rights ombudsman”.

Serious accusations against Skrzypczyński

According to a series of articles published by Onet, Skrzypczyński allegedly used physical and psychological violence against his family members and the players he trained in the past.

Subsequent accusations against him, including Katarzyna Kotula, an MP from the Left, who referred the case to the prosecutor’s office, resulted in his resignation from the position of president of the PZT, and then also from membership in the board, although he never admitted to the alleged acts and announced that he would fight to defend his name against court.

The union’s response was appointing a commission whose task was to investigate all circumstances concerning matters related to Skrzypczyński. The commission consisted of three women: Ewa Tokarczyk, Monika Strus-Wołos and Monika Pasieka-Brzozowska, who had not been associated with the PZT in any way before.

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