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The Confederation winks at the AfD. Despite the fact that the German party is anti-Polish

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The politicians of the Polish right from the Confederation, who call themselves true patriots, apparently do not mind that the AfD, Germany’s second political force, proclaims slogans incompatible with the Polish raison d’état. The AfD is not only anti-Ukrainian and pro-Putin, but also tries to play the anti-Polish card.

On 29 May, seven far-right politicians from all over Europe met in the Slovak parliament. Among them was a prominent activist of the Alternative for Germany Steffen Kotré and an MP from the Confederation Grzegorz Braun. – We meet friends and colleagues from different countries. Yes, different, but also united by common anti-globalist views – said Grzegorz Braun.

This was not the first meeting of MP Grzegorz Braun with activists of the Alternative for Germany. At the beginning of May, he invited “young friends from Junge Alternative” – ​​the AfD youth group, which the German counterintelligence considers an extremist organization to the Polish Sejm. Steffen Kotré of the AfD, who was present at the meeting in Bratislava, caused outrage with his appearance on the program of Putin’s leading propagandist – Vladimir Soloviev – where he criticized the supply of arms to Ukraine. The AfD would fulfill Putin’s greatest dream – in the party’s program document, which the media reached, there is a postulate to liquidate the European Union. – The European Union in its current form is not Europe – believes Steffen Kotré.

The German services openly call the AfD “Kremlin’s propaganda mouthpiece”. Pro-Kremlin slogans are heard at its rallies. “Russia is not an enemy for me, but a natural partner,” said Björn Höcke, head of the AfD in Thuringia. The AfD is – according to the latest polls – the second political force in Germany. For years it has been surrounded by the so-called sanitary cordon. Other groups isolate and stigmatize her – among other things, for the fact that some activists show neo-Nazi sympathies.

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The AfD is not only anti-immigrant, anti-EU, but also anti-Polish. Two years ago in the Bundestag, one of the party’s leaders – Alexander Gauland – praised the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and blamed Poland for the outbreak of World War II. Two weeks ago, party co-chairwoman Alice Weidel used the term “Central Germany” to refer to the former East Germany. According to this logic, eastern Germany would be the Polish Regained Territories. This is an indirect questioning of the Polish-German border. – Since the Poles demand compensation, we will demand from them the return of lands which, in our opinion, according to those elected from the leadership of the Alternative for Germany, have never been Polish and should be returned. This clearly shows that an absurd step on the one hand is followed by an equally or even more absurd reaction on the other – warns Andrzej Byrt, former ambassador to Germany and France.

Radical slogans, hard electorate. Where does the popularity of the Confederation come from?Pawel Płuska/Fakty TVN

The AfD is taking power

The AfD is celebrating because it has succeeded in taking power for the first time in its history. For now, at the level of one of the districts in eastern Germany. “The media is presenting it as a historic achievement. In fact, the district mayor was elected on behalf of the AfD. It’s a pretty insignificant position, but it’s actually the first time an AfD person will govern,” says Axel Mueller, a Thuringian CDU politician.

The German press writes about the meeting of the extreme right in Bratislava. The daily “Die Welt” recalls that MP Braun demanded prison sentences for homosexuals in 2019 and believed that there was a plot by Israel and America to transform Poland into a Jewish state. In turn, the main organizer of the meeting in Bratislava, Slovak Milan Uhrik, was a member of the neo-Nazi People’s Party Our Slovakia two years ago, and in one of the interviews he said that “he can neither praise nor condemn the Holocaust, because he is not a historian.”

– As peace-loving people, we reject all totalitarian and radical ideologies. Including the modern agendas: “green”, “rainbow” or “globalist”, which are trying to take control of our lives, our families, our countries – emphasized Milan Uhrik, MEP from the Slovak Republic Party. This is a quote from the manifesto signed by the participants of the meeting in Bratislava. You can read in it, among other things, that next to the European Union, the enemy are large corporations or the World Health Organization.

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