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The Constitutional Tribunal’s judgment on abortion kills women. Roksana Kowalczyk waited 22 days. “Doctors are scared”

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She waited three weeks for an abortion and finally got it when she told “Fakt” TVN that she was afraid that she would eventually die of sepsis like the patients in Pszczyna and Nowy Targ. After banning abortion due to fetal damage, doctors wait for the fetus to die on its own, and women are afraid that they will die themselves.

Roksana Kowalczyk waited 22 days for the termination of pregnancy. She waited. The caesarean section was without complications. “They’re taking special care of my mental health right now because I’m feeling pretty good physically and mentally I still have some work to do,” she said. There is no doubt that the hospital was “shaken” by what shook the whole of Poland. Just like the deaths of Iza from Pszczyna and Dorota from Nowy Targ.

“That’s what I’m afraid of, that our story will end like this.” Because, however, these thoughts, well, spontaneously run away somewhere, right, in this direction. Especially since I have a one-year-old son at home, to whom I want to return – said Mrs. Roksana a few days ago. The hospital ensures that it always acts out of concern for the well-being of patients. “The hospital understands that such interventions are undertaken in good faith, however, they cause unnecessary social anxiety due to the indicated lack of a complete picture of the situation,” reads the statement issued by the hospital.

Paulina, a former patient of the hospital in Bydgoszcz, when she asked for an abortion, was told that her placenta was misplaced. – The fetus was in a very bad condition, general swelling of the fetus, it had seepage everywhere in almost every cavity, i.e. the so-called fluid, well, after fasting it had no chance. The worst thing was simply waiting for the child to die – explains Paulina.

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Another example comes from Lodz. 26-year-old Milena was 14 weeks pregnant and on the fourth day after the water broke. – They said that everything is fine, that these waters should continue to fill themselves, that there is a chance to bring this pregnancy to an end. I said that I was afraid of sepsis infection, that it had a bad effect on my mental state, so that they would just terminate this pregnancy. I’ve been walking around with a dead baby since the morning in my belly – explains Milena.

She is afraid that her story will end like Dorota’s from Nowy Targ. “I have a one-year-old son at home, to whom I want to return”Marzanna Zielińska/Fakty TVN

Not one more

No one knows how many more such women there are. Everyone knows why they are treated that way by the system. – Doctors are afraid to make decisions because they are afraid that they might go to prison. Secondly, I believe that there are doctors who do not make decisions because they hide behind the conscience clause, which should not apply at all – says Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus, a member of the New Left.

The anti-abortion decision of the court of Julia Przyłębska freezes the blood in the hearts of doctors. However, when a woman’s life or mental health is in danger, abortion is legal. – Any other medical decision, including chemotherapy or leg amputation, is made by a doctor on duty, there is no problem with that. And here, because it is known that the documentation is examined, evaluated, verified, everyone is afraid – explained Professor Marzena Dębska, specialist in gynecology, obstetrics and perinatology, Dębski Clinic in “Fakty po Faktach”.

Social pressure, as in the case of Roksana from Bydgoszcz, can save another woman’s life. On June 14, demonstrations will take place across the country under the slogan “not one more – stop killing us”.

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