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The contract with a 25-year-old Chinese, no one has seen the oil for PLN 1.6 billion, and Obajtek is running for office

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Law and Justice is seeking votes in the European Parliament elections. At the rally in Siedlce, Jarosław Kaczyński defended Daniel Obajtek, who is starting from number one in Podkarpacie. Meanwhile, further information comes to light about the oil contracted by the Swiss subsidiary of Orlen, which was never delivered. Borys Budka says it straight: Kaczyński is talking stupid.

Jarosław Kaczyński joined the campaign to defend Daniel Obajtek – former president of Orlen, and today the leader of the PiS list in the European elections in Podkarpacie. – This allegation about this billion PLN 600 million is simply nonsense. Only someone who has no idea about oil trade can believe this, said the president of Law and Justice at an election meeting in Siedlce.

In April, Orlen's new management board announced that due to Orlen Trading Switzerland (OTS) losing PLN 1.6 billion in prepayments for undelivered crude oil, the company planned to adjust its annual results for 2023 by this amount.

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Borys Budka, former Minister of State Assets, who knows the documents, results of internal audits and service notes warning against Orlen establishing a daughter company in Switzerland to trade oil, calls Kaczyński's statement a lie.

– I wonder if Kaczyński is just pretending or if he is really so infantile that he did not understand what the Polish services wrote to him about. I have searched letters in which Polish services informed about this suspicious activity, says Budka.

They told us what their work was like on the Orlen investment. “We remained convinced that this place was an exemplary place”Jarosław Kostkowski/Fakty TVN

Agreement with a 25-year-old Chinese

Jarosław Kaczyński – as politicians say – using manipulation and even false information, tried to argue at the convention in Siedlce that the current government is responsible for the scandal.

– When the management board of a company changes and it does not accept this oil, and then it is included in losses and creates a so-called reserve, this is simply abuse. No reserve was needed here, we simply had to accept the oil and pay the rest that was due, Kaczyński said.

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The oil mentioned by Jarosław Kaczyński was supposed to be delivered by an intermediary from Dubai – a 25-year-old Chinese. The company's new management, appointed in February, announced that the cost of the tankers chartered and waiting for oil is approximately USD 200,000 a day. Costs were rising, there was no oil, so it was decided to terminate the contract.

– This oil simply did not reach Poland. According to the agreements, the oil was to reach Poland from Venezuela in December and then in January. To this day, there is neither oil nor a refund of the advance payment – says Jacek Harłukowicz, a journalist at Onet.

“I say this with full responsibility: Kaczyński is a fool”

– I say this with full responsibility: Kaczyński is a complete idiot. He pretends that there was no situation in which, unfortunately, but it seems to be deliberate actions of those responsible for managing this company, huge sums of money were siphoned off. This transaction stunk from the very beginning, Budka points out.

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For now, Daniel Obajtek is running the campaign by publishing short recordings on the Internet. – Orlen ran great. He made it so that today we can all be really proud of our national champion – says Beata Szydło, candidate of Law and Justice in the European Parliament elections.

– Zero responsibility, zero conclusions. Obajtek in the first place is a shame for Poland, a shame for Podkarpacie – comments Elżbieta Łukacijewska, who is the leader of the Civic Coalition list in the same district.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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