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The core curriculum from history. Work on changes is underway, informed the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Dariusz Piontkowski

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The planned changes to the curriculum were discussed on Tuesday by the parliamentary committee. – At the moment, no work is being carried out to change the core curriculum, except for one exception – the history curriculum – said Deputy Minister of Education and Science Dariusz Piontkowski.

On Tuesday, at the meeting of the Education, Science and Youth Committee, MEPs discussed the planned changes to the school curriculum. The opposition deputies were inspired to call this meeting – as Katarzyna Lubnauer, the deputy chairman of the Civic Coalition club – said, by the statement of Minister Przemysław Czarnek given to the Polish Press Agency at the Economic Forum in Karpacz in September. The head of the ministry said that it is undoubtedly necessary to work on slimming the core curriculum of some subjects so that the lesson plan does not assume more than 6 or 7 hours at school. Experts will decide what items this will apply to.


Lubnauer: it’s high time to bring the Polish school into the 21st century

– We have said many times that, especially from the moment when remote education began, it is high time to slim down the core curriculum and give teachers more autonomy. To introduce the Polish school into the 21st century in general, that is to change the approach to education – said Lubnauer.

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She asked which experts would make these changes, because it was up to them to decide whether they would go in the right direction. She also asked how the team deciding about the core curricula was selected.

– I wanted to tell Minister Czarnek, who is not here – do not be afraid. He might want to come to the education committee at least once. We’re really not that dangerous. We are convinced that if he had come and answered questions from opposition MPs, nothing bad would have happened to him, ‘she added.


Deputy minister of education on changes to the core curriculum in history

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Dariusz Piontkowski called on Lubnauer not to draw conclusions only on the basis of an excerpt from the interview. “There is no work currently being done to change the core curriculum, except for one exception – the history curriculum,” he said.

He stressed that the school, apart from its educational, caring and upbringing function, should also educate patriotically. – This patriotic education should to a large extent take place, inter alia, in history lessons and to a large extent also be based on the knowledge of modern history – he said. He judged that she was not the best with her among the students.

The director of the Department of Curricula and Textbooks at MEiN Artur Górecki, speaking about the work on the core curricula resulting from the Polish Deal, announced that the Minister of Education and Science had appointed a team of experts to deal with the core curriculum for history “and the possible strengthening of the modern history component”.

In turn, Piontkowski added that among the experts in the team working on the correction of the core curriculum in history there are scientists from various academic centers in Poland.

– People living and working in Warsaw dominate there – he said. He added that there are – apart from scientists – authors of textbooks and experts from the Central Examination Commission.

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Czarnek on the three pillars of the reform of the teacher’s professional statusTVN24

Lubanuer: the times of memory education must end

Lubnauer also asked representatives of the ministry whether it was planned to separate teaching Polish history from world history.

– By no means do the works go towards separating the two-threaded history lecture into the history of Poland and general history. It seems to me that from the didactic point of view it would be a mistake – said Górecki.

In Lubnauer’s opinion, the current school should focus on skills and attitudes important “in the new, changing world”. – We all see that the times of memory education must end. There is also no point in focusing on a permanent reading canon due to the fact that, unfortunately, then people end up using scripts and bricks – she said.

Justyna Suchecka on the new reading canon TVN24

Piontkowski referred to the objection of opposition deputies that teachers have to work in an increasingly rigid framework.

– Nobody forbids a teacher to autonomously decide what methods he will pass on knowledge and skills, and to build an increasing level of knowledge and skills of his pupils. There are no limits to the teachers’ working methods, said Piontkowski.

Main photo source: TVN24

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