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The councilor lost his license for drinking and driving. He was driving a car at a remote meeting

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One of Milanów councilors lost his driving license for drinking and driving. As we found out, when the police stopped him, he had more than a percentage of his exhaled air. However, the ban does not stop him from driving a car – during one of the industry committees he did not turn off the camera and you could see him driving. The police conduct investigations in this matter.

Acting chairman of the city council in Milanówek, Witold Mossakowski lost his driving license in May due to drunk driving. As established by the portaltywna.pl and confirmed by “Gazeta Stołeczna”, it happened in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. – On May 13, 2021, in the town of Tleń (Osie commune, Świecie poviat), at around 12.30, a police officer of prevention together with a forest ranger detained a 49-year-old driver of a Lada vehicle for a road check. There was a smell of alcohol from the driver, therefore it was subjected to a test – a spokeswoman for the County Police Headquarters in Świecie told us. Joanna Tarkowska.

The man was drunk. – He had 0.49 milligrams of alcohol [ponad promil alkoholu – red.] in the exhaled air. The policewoman stopped the driver’s driving license – explained Tarkowska.

Meanwhile, in early June, Mossakowski appeared at a remote meeting of one of the industry committees with the camera turned on. In the recording, which was posted on the Internet a few days ago by the city of Milanówek, you can see how during the meeting … he drives a car. At the beginning, the councilor only sat in the car in the passenger seat, but after 20 minutes he changes behind the wheel. He drives the car for a few minutes, then parks and walks into the house.

On Monday we contacted him regarding this matter. We asked if he confirmed that he had lost his driving license as a result of drunk driving and why he was driving the car after losing the document. He declined to comment. – Let me not comment on this matter – the councilor snapped. But, according to “Stołeczna”, in an interview with their journalists, the councilor admitted that his driving license was retained.

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The spokeswoman for the Grodzisk headquarters, Katarzyna Zych, told us that the police are carrying out investigations in this case. – We do not carry out activities based on a notification of a crime, because such a notification has not been received by us, but on the basis of information about the incident from local media. We received them on Friday. We check whether such an event actually happened and what is its nature – explained Zych. And she added that the police asked the court and the starosty to confirm whether the driver was subject to a decision to withdraw his license or a ban on driving on the indicated date.

What do the councilors of Milan say? – If this information is confirmed, then – in my opinion – driving under the influence of alcohol is reprehensible, it is an unacceptable situation. However, I cannot decide anything myself. There are fifteen of us and the whole council would have to make an opinion in this regard – Jolanta Nowakowska, vice-president of the city council in Milanówek told us on Monday. She also declared that at the next session of the city council, which is to be held within the next month, the councilors will discuss this matter.

Main photo source: Youtube, Mlanówek Miasto-Garden

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