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“The cranes were dancing and the deer was standing nearby and just admiring.” Recording

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On Kontakt 24 we received a recording of dancing cranes. A deer watched this extraordinary spectacle from a distance. – The bird dance is just amazing. You can see how coordinated their movements are. They do everything identically – says Mr. Dawid, the author of the recording.

At Kontakt 24, we received a recording from Mr. Dawid (known on the Internet under the pseudonym Leśny Kawaler) showing the dance of cranes and a curious deer.

– This is one of the most unusual and interesting scenes I have recorded so far. The cranes were dancing, and a curious deer was watching everything, standing a dozen or so meters away. This shows how wonderful harmony reigns in the forest and how animals live together in it. The bird dance itself is simply amazing. You can see how their movements are coordinated. They do everything identically – says the author of the recording. – Animals are happy about spring. Isn't their world magical? Let's respect them because they deserve to live just as much as we do, he emphasizes.


The dance of cranes

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The crane is a migratory bird and inhabits the northern and central part of Eurasia. As the State Forests write, in the beliefs of the Slavic nations, these birds played the role of guides who knew well the paths over land and sea. They showed the right direction for tired travelers and were a sign of a happy and safe journey. That's not all, cranes were also credited with longevity and even immortality. They were seen as birds carrying the souls of the dead to their destination.

The crane is also a symbol of dance. As the State Forests write, after arriving from their wintering grounds in early spring, a pair of birds perform an astonishing spectacle, just like actors on a theater stage. The mating dance of cranes is a combination of unusual bows, jumps and walks with spread wings, resembling the embrace of partners.

Main photo source: Contact 24

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