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The crisis on the border with Ukraine is growing. The Prime Minister “does not solve problems, but pretends to create a new government”

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Polish carriers have been blocking entry at the borders with Ukraine for almost three weeks. The protest is expected to expand. The government seems surprised. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything, but he should.

This is the 20th day of the protest. Nearly 3,600 trucks in Korczowa, Dorohusk, Hrebenne and Medyka have been waiting for up to nine days to cross the border. – We have to reach the end, to reach the goal. We are simply so determined that there is no other option – says Bartosz Jasiński from the Committee for the Defense of Carriers and Transport Employers.

Transport workers want to restore permits for commercial transport that were abolished because of the war for Ukrainian drivers and to organize the e-queue on the Ukrainian side, which is expected to extend the time of crossing the border and encourage corruption. The number of protesters increases every day. Before the war – according to Polish carriers – each side accounted for 160,000 transports per year. Now the number of Ukrainian transports has exceeded 800,000 per year. – The Polish government is jostling for positions in Warsaw at the moment, it is not interested in citizens, it is not interested in carriers – notes Edyta Ozygała, a protest participant.

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This lack of interest has also pushed farmers to the border crossings who want to stop the inflow of Ukrainian grain to Poland. – The protest will be, as they say, preventive and warning. This will create a very long queue from the Rzeszów side. Maybe then those in power will wake up and come – says Roman Kondrów from “Podkarpacka Oszukana Wieś”. Those in power assure that they are not sleeping. – I asked Minister Adamczyk for very urgent interventions – said Prime Minister Morawiecki. However, there is no sign of the Minister of Infrastructure or his intervention, and the Prime Minister’s office does not respond to the e-mail of “Fakty” TVN on this matter.

Protest of carriers on the border with Ukraine25/11 | There is an ongoing protest of carriers at border crossings. Truck drivers crossing the border must expect major difficulties – the waiting time in medycynka is about 127 hours, and in Krościenko almost 24 hours. TVN24

Passivity of those in power

– If Morawiecki is acting as prime minister these last hours, he should go immediately and try to solve this problem. There, people are freezing in these car cabins, others are coming to block them – notes Dariusz Joński from the Civic Coalition. – This is the ending of Mateusz Morawiecki. He does not solve problems, but pretends that he will create a new government. It will neither solve problems nor create a new government, adds Tomasz Trela ​​from the New Left.

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The problem is getting more serious every day, because the deputy minister of infrastructure of Ukraine claims that 30 percent of supplies for the Ukrainian energy sector go through Poland. The blockade threatens to collapse it. – The attitude of the protesters prevents dialogue between the Polish government and the European Union in the current situation – emphasizes Serhiy Derkach, Deputy Minister of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine. Three transports are allowed across the border once an hour. Humanitarian aid and military supplies pass through without restrictions. On Monday, protesters plan to block further crossings – in Zosin and Niżankowice.

Main photo source: Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

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