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Thursday, December 9, 2021

The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. Hundreds of migrants at the border crossing in Kuźnica

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Hundreds of migrants gathered at the border crossing in Kuźnica. “An attempt to forcibly cross the border is being prepared. Everything is done under the supervision of the Belarusian services,” wrote the Border Guard. She also published a recording.

The migrants had been camping in the camp near Kuźnica for a week. On Friday, the Border Guard announced that their number had already exceeded 1000.

The Border Guard published on Monday morning a video showing migrants gathering at the border crossing. “From the morning, illegal immigrants have been gathering at the border crossing in Kuźnica on the Belarusian side. They are joined by other groups that have so far camped at the border. An attempt is being made to force the border through. Everything is done under the supervision of Belarusian services,” the Border Guard said.

The Ministry of National Defense showed another video which – as we read – shows “instrumental use of migrants by Belarus”. “Migrants, mainly women and children, are forced to approach the fence so that the Belarusian media can prepare their propaganda materials,” writes the Ministry of National Defense.

A recording from the border crossing in Kuźnica published by the Ministry of National Defense (November 15)Ministry of National Defence

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A state of emergency at the border, journalists are not allowed

Due to the migration crisis in the border area, a state of emergency is in force. Journalists, among others, are not allowed there. When reporting on the events at the border, the media can use almost exclusively official government recordings and information.

Main photo source: border guards

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