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The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. Intervention of the Border Guard against residents

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Close meeting with the Border Guard in a forest in Podlasie, outside the state of emergency. Local residents who saw the intervention say that they were knocked to the ground by officers, and that they were also targeted with weapons. – They said they were from some secret group and they would not have ID. One of them ran into the woods and was looking for something. We were guarded by a man with a long gun – reported one of the residents. Another noted that the guards were plain and wore masks with skulls. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Reporters from “Poland and the World” recorded on Thursday a Border Guard action in the forest near Narewka. Residents inform that a moment before the arrest, they themselves met both migrants and Border Guard officers in the forest.

This meeting looked different than the actions of the guard in the presence of the TVN24 camera. – They popped out of nowhere. Masked undersized men. My friend was knocked to the ground, and one of them aimed at me with a pistol and told me to get out of the car – says Maria Przyszychowska.


Residents did not know what was happening. They also heard little from the masked men. – They said they were from some secret group and they would not have ID. One of them ran into the woods and was looking for something. We were guarded by a man with a long gun – adds Maria Przyszyowska.

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Intervention of masked officers in the forest near Narewka

The woman and her friend were in the parking lot by the road. Not far away, at the edge of the forest, their friends stood: five women and one man. Masked officers also ran up to them.

– They looked like nationalists who walk in the marches of independence, and in this very aggressive group. They wore masks and those masks were smiling skulls. And it made a terrifying impression in this darkness – admits Katarzyna Tymoszuk.

Residents report the last intervention of the Border GuardTVN24

The Border Guard in such an outfit and detaining people in such a way does not see anything wrong, but makes it clear that it was not a special unit. – These people are there to observe the area covertly and to support the officers who operate in the field – explains Major Katarzyna Zdanowicz, a spokeswoman for the Podlasie branch of the Border Guard.

The question is whether the skull mask is a legal outfit even for a covert officer. – Officers of special, quick reaction groups have their standard uniforms, of course they can use different ones for camouflage. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is some kind of violation of rules and principles – says security expert Marcin Samsel.

Intervention of the Border Guard against residents

The guards mistook the residents for smugglers. – One of the people was actually pulled out of the car. At the moment when we found out that they were Polish citizens, these people were identified, admits Major Zdanowicz.

– It saved us “good morning” – emphasizes Katarzyna Tymoszuk. Both the dress and behavior of the officers caused great fear in people who did not do anything wrong. – We were sitting on the ground and I was convinced that they would hurt us. They said that it should be like that, that it’s good that we got scared – she adds.

Sylwia Piestrzyńska, asty // now

Main photo source: TVN24

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