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The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. The head of Frontex, Fabrice Leggeri: we must be ready for the next migration crises

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The head of Frontex, Fabrice Leggeri, warned that the European Union must prepare for further migration crises, similar to the one on the Polish-Belarusian border, which “may appear quite quickly”. – This should open the eyes of all those who have not yet understood that migration flows can be used for political purposes – he emphasized.

Frontex Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri said in an interview with AFP that Frontex is working with Polish authorities to organize the repatriation of 1,700 migrants to Iraq in the coming weeks. However, he explained that the permission of the authorities in Baghdad is necessary to carry out such an action.

– This is not the first time that the European Union has dealt with such attempts that we can call geopolitical blackmail or a hybrid threat – emphasized Leggeri. He recalled the situation from February 2020, when Greece tried to block tens of thousands of migrants intentionally passing through Turkey.

– It should open the eyes of all those who have not yet understood that migratory flows can be used for political purposes, against the European Union, to obtain something in this way. We have to prepare for further such situations that may arise quite quickly – he said.


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“More people from Afghanistan come to Iran every day from Afghanistan than there are in total on the Polish-Belarusian border”

A few days ago, in an interview with the Associated Press, the head of the non-governmental humanitarian organization Norwegian Refugee Council, Jan Egeland, also warned that Europe could soon be hit by another migration crisis related to the wave of refugees from Afghanistan. “Thousands of refugees flee Afghanistan to neighboring Iran every day, and the trend could eventually hit Europe severely,” Egeland warned.

– Many Afghan refugees want to get to Europe via Iran, so Europe should care less about several thousand refugees on the Polish-Belarusian border. Every day more people come to Iran from Afghanistan than there are on the border in total, he said.

Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi, who informed that Iran has several thousand refugees on the border with Afghanistan every day, is of a similar opinion. He also warned that a new wave of Afghan migrants could try to get to Europe if Afghanistan does not receive international aid.

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