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The czech republic. 18 people injured after lightning strike. Among them children

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18 people were injured on Sunday afternoon after a lightning strike in Liberec, Czech Republic. Among the injured are children. Service interventions were also needed in other regions of the country.

On Sunday afternoon in the city of Liberec in the Czech Republic as a result lightning strikes 18 people were injured, including children. Five people were resuscitated on site. The injured were taken to hospitals. Interventions by firefighters and paramedics were also needed in other regions of the country. Some sources say that the lightning hit the ground, others say it hit a tree.

The latest information from hospitals in Liberec and Prague says that all people who were hospitalized are in good condition. Resuscitation efforts undertaken at the scene of the incident proved effective. One of the injured people was transported by helicopter to Prague.

Intense rains in the Czech Republic

The most intense rains were recorded in western and central Bohemia. Two children and one adult drowned in the Berounce River. The intervention of nearby bystanders, firefighters and paramedics was needed. A twelve-year-old boy was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Prague. The remaining two people were treated at the scene.

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Heavy rains caused disruptions to train traffic in the western part of the country. In the area of ​​Nachod, near the border with Poland, firefighters had to remove trees that blocked one of the regional roads.

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