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The Czech Republic before the elections. The government is ready to abolish VAT on energy

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This coming Friday and Saturday, the Czechs will elect a new parliament. Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babisz said on Wednesday that the government was ready to temporarily abolish VAT on electricity for households. A similar declaration was made by the leader of the co-ruling social democracy, Jan Hamaczek.

Politicians participated in the debate on Czech public television ahead of the elections to the Chamber of Deputies, which will be held on Friday and Saturday. Giving up 21 percent. VAT on energy is to prevent the effects of the increase in electricity prices for households.

Pre-election polls in the Czech Republic

According to recent polls, Babish’s Ano movement should win the elections, but may have trouble establishing a stable cabinet. Co-ruling with Ano, the social democracy of the deputy prime minister and minister of the interior may not beat 5 percent. election threshold.


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Among the pre-election declarations in a debate held in the building of the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague, the leaders of eight political groups that could enter the Chamber of Deputies said that they did not want to pay the income tax of the lowest earners. There may be a digital tax in the game.

Prime Minister Babisz pointed out that apart from the GDP growth, the state spending would be partially covered by European subsidies.

In Czech debates, the questions were asked by artificial intelligence

Politicians were asked one question by artificial intelligence, which was equipped with a female voice and a female figure. “Matylda” asked, among others for the future, using the Internet, voting in the elections of “artificial intelligence”. The politicians rather distanced themselves from taking the questions asked by Matilda seriously.

The leaders of the main parties will meet again in the next debate, on Thursday in the studio of the private television “Nova”. The management of the station decided to divide the politicians from eight parties into two groups. The leaders of the strongest three parties and coalitions and those whose chances of victory are slim will discuss separately.

The dispute over the mine in Turów

In February this year, the Czech side brought a complaint against Poland regarding the Turów lignite mine. Then she also applied for the so-called applying an interim measure, i.e. a mining ban. The complaint was submitted in relation to the extension of the mine, which, according to Prague, threatens the access to water for the inhabitants of Liberec who also complain about noise and dust related to the exploitation of lignite.

Maciej Kulczyński, PAP

The Court of Justice of the European Union, responding to the request of the Czech Republic, ordered in May the immediate suspension of coal mining in the Turów mine. The Polish government announced that the mine would continue to operate and started talks with the Czech side. On September 20, the CJEU decided that Poland was to pay the European Commission 500,000. euro per day for not implementing interim measures and not stopping production.

So far, 17 meetings of representatives of the ministries of environmental protection and foreign affairs have been held. Experts and representatives of local governments and the management of the mine also talked. On September 30, the Minister of Climate and Environment, Michał Kurtyka, announced that Polish-Czech talks regarding the Turów mine ended in a fiasco.

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