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The czech republic. Changes in highway tolls. Prices in 2024

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From March next year, there will be a one-day vignette for using motorways, announced the Czech Ministry of Transport. Its boss Martin Kupka also announced that the fee for the annual vignette will increase to 2,300 crowns. It’s about PLN 442. The presented changes concern passenger cars.

The increase in the annual vignette fee from 1,500 to 2,300 crowns is part of the government’s austerity plan, which was unveiled on Thursday, and provides for an increase in various fees and taxes in addition to savings. A one-day vignette, which has not been offered by the ministry so far, will cost 200 crowns.

Ten-day and monthly vignettes will be cheaper than before. A voucher for 10 days will be cheaper by 40 crowns, for 30 days by 10 crowns.

About vignettes prices: we were looking for a compromise

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When setting new prices, the Czech Ministry of Transport had to follow the European Eurovignette Directive, which stipulates that the monthly vignette cannot exceed 19 percent. annual fee, ten-day no more than 12%, and one-day no more than 9%. “We were looking for a compromise on how to keep the price of the annual voucher at an accessible level, and at the same time short-term vignettes could be a significant source of income from using the motorway network” – said Kupka. The annual vignette has not increased in price since 2012, and according to Kupka, the price increase only takes into account inflation from the last ten years. Government experts called for an increase in the price to 3,000 crowns. At the same time, the European directive allows exemption from the time-limited toll for the use of motorways only for zero-emission vehicles with electric or hydrogen propulsion. For vehicles powered by natural gas or biomethane, the current 50% will be retained. relief. The ministry also wants to tighten penalties for traveling on Czech roads with overloaded trucks. Currently, the motorway network in the Czech Republic has 1,365 kilometers, of which 226 kilometers are free of charge. According to Kupka, 100 kilometers of new motorways will be commissioned next year. Motorway tolls were introduced on January 1, 1995. In the beginning, stickers were used, and from 2021, coupons were replaced by electronic vignettes.

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