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The czech republic. Demonstration in Prague. Anti-Western slogans, government criticized for helping Ukraine

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A protest took place in Prague on Sunday, in which, according to the organizers, 100,000 people could participate. The demonstrators demanded, among other things, the dismissal of Petr Fiala’s government. There was also criticism of military support for Ukraine, which allegedly prolongs the ongoing war there. Since the beginning of the war, the Czech government has unequivocally supported Kiev, handing over arms and ammunition to the Ukrainian side.

The protest in the center of Prague was organized by the extra-parliamentary PRO party (an abbreviation of the Czech name Law, Respect, Professionalism). PRO leader Jindrzich Rajchl stated at the rally that demonstrators must recover The czech republic for myself. He said that his message is love, therefore he does not support either Ukrainenor Russia, and they are not supported by the protesters either.

At the same time, he uttered anti-Western slogans, saying that “the Czech Republic cannot be a vassal of either Brussels or Washington.”

When asked by the moderator if there is anyone who supports it among the participants Russia, the cheers answered “no”. At the same time, the start of talks on peace in Ukraine was chorally supported.

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Demonstration in Prague against government policyEPA/MARTIN DIVISEK

“We’ve had enough of this”

The policy of the Fiala government towards high prices was also criticized and direct talks with the cabinet were demanded. They warned that their absence could lead to a general strike in the country. The government’s errors in economic and social policy, which were considered to be the reduction of valorization, were pointed out pensions and an announcement of changes in rates VAT. They chanted: “we’ve had enough of this” and “resignation”. The organizers of the protests did not like – as they said – the lack of interest from the mainstream media and, apparently, more and more frequent cases of censorship. After a rally that lasted about two hours, the demonstrators set off towards the government building, which was surrounded by a human chain. Some demonstrators declared that they would stay in place for the next 24 hours.

Demonstration in Prague against government policyEPA/MARTIN DIVISEK

Signatures on the petition

Activists who collect signatures for a petition to start talks with the government to lead to a clear declaration of unequivocal support for peace talks in Ukraine want to stay even longer.

The goal is to collect 100,000 signatures so that PRO’s arguments can be presented in the Chamber of Deputies.

Demonstration in Prague against government policyEPA/MARTIN DIVISEK

After the previous PRO demonstration in March, a group of participants tried to take down the Ukrainian flag from the building of the National Museum, which dominates Wenceslas Square.

There were no incidents that required police intervention on Sunday.

During the march, when at the sight of the Ukrainian flag, shouts were heard from the crowd: “break that rag”, the moderator called for calm and argued that everyone has the right to present their views.

The Czech Republic helps Ukraine

The Czech Republic has been helping the authorities in Kiev since the beginning of the war. Prague has so far delivered to Ukraine 89 tanks, 226 combat vehicles, 38 howitzers, 33 rocket launchers, six air defense systems and four helicopters. – Thanks to our efforts, more than a million rockets, anti-tank grenades and ammunition, the total value of which is approximately USD 1.8 billion, have also reached Ukraine – said Petr Fiala in February 2023.

In early April, Czech Defense Minister Jana Czernochova announced further support of around $30 million.

Main photo source: EPA/MARTIN DIVISEK

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