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The czech republic. He tried to inflate the tire with a fire extinguisher. The recording was an internet hit

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A car driver tried to inflate his vehicle’s tire with a hand-held fire extinguisher at a gas station in the northern part of the Czech Republic. The recording shared on social media became an internet hit. It shows that the man realized his mistake only when foam came out of the fire extinguisher.

This week, an unusual event was recorded by a surveillance camera at a gas station in Hradec Králové, approximately 50 kilometers from the border with Poland. The video posted on social media shows the driver of a silver SUV taking a hand fire extinguisher placed next to the pump and then crouching down to try to inflate the car’s front tire. When foam comes out of the fire extinguisher, the man puts it back and starts cleaning his clothes.

The situation at the gas station was described, among others, by the Czech website CNN Prima News, which wrote about an “unusual sight” and called the driver’s behavior “incomprehensible”. The recording shared on Šérnito’s Facebook profile has been viewed a million times.

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Šérnito, CNN Prima News

Main photo source: Šérnito/Facebook

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