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The czech republic. He went to Cieszyn and saw the “slum ghetto”. A journalist in shock

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Located in the province Cieszyn in Silesia belongs half to Poles and half to Czechs. One of the Czech journalists decided to compare both parts. Publicist he didn't hide his delight after visiting Cieszyn, Poland.

Luboš Palata described his impressions on the Denik website. On our side he saw a bustling city with lots of service outlets, cafes and restaurants, proudly referring to its history.

Cieszyn. A Czech journalist delighted with the Polish city

“The Polish city of Cieszyn has built a shopping center on the Olza River, but on the Czech side you can't see or hear anything like that,” the columnist pointed out. In his opinion, the Czechs “win” the competition for a better station. Renovated building on the side of our neighbors, it offers connections with Poland and Slovakia.

Luboš Palata drew attention to an important economic aspect of the neighborhood. Polish Cieszyn has become a shopping paradise for neighbors. “Before the Polish Biedronka, cars of Czech brands accounted for a quarter of those parking,” the journalist reported.

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Cieszyn. The journalist went to the city, the “slum ghetto”

Palata appreciated the monuments and monuments he saw on the Polish side of the city. He replaced the Cieszyn castle, the famous Romanesque rotunda and a monument commemorating the battles that took place Warsaw fought with Prague for the city's affiliation. “It is in vain to look for something similar in Cieszyn, Czech Republic,” he concluded.

He compared aesthetic layer both towns. He juxtaposed well-kept Polish streets and buildings with “blackened plasters, liquor stores” and the sight of “running children of Vietnamese owners of strange-looking shops.”

The journalist's assessment is very critical. Polish Cieszyn – in his opinion – “bloomed” within 20 years of joining European Union. Czech Cieszyn is – according to the journalist – “slum ghetto”. “I'm a little ashamed that I'm Czech,” added Luboš Palata.

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