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The czech republic. Students insulted a girl from Ukraine. President Petr Pavel reacted

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Czech President Petr Pavel met with a student from Ukraine who was the victim of bullying at school. The politician published an entry with a photo from the meeting on social media. In it, he condemned school violence, “particularly disgraceful in the case of a child who had to leave his country because of the war.”

A recording from one of the Czech primary schools circulated on social media last week. The group of boys seen in it insults a student from Ukraine and praises Russia. The behavior was condemned by Interior Minister Vít Rakušan, Education Minister Mikuláš Bek and President Petr Pavel, the seznamzpravy.cz website pointed out on Saturday.

President Pavel: scars on the soul will remain

Pavel decided to invite the girl to a meeting at his headquarters, Prague Castle. He posted a photo of the meeting on social media on Saturday. The photo was accompanied by a short description, in which he noted that he “condemns bullying, humiliation and violence in schools”, “especially shameful in the case of a child who has been forced to leave his country and friends because of the war, and to whom we have given a safe haven.” He added that he “appreciated the reaction of the school and parents and the fact that there was an apology.” “But the scars on the soul will remain,” he concluded.

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The apology was also announced by lawyer Petr Němec, quoted by seznamzpravy.cz, who offered free legal assistance to the family of the attacked girl. – The boys apologized, and the meeting with their parents shows that (their behavior – ed.) was not due to what they heard at home – he said, calling the incident a “children’s prank”. “Everyone shook hands, smiled, and I hope the problem has been resolved,” he said.

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